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  • Ciastek


  • waffles
    this wouldn't work because it would overload discord servers with API requests
  • chloroform chloe

    1. Why?
    2. What
    3. This is a duplicate suggestion of one that already got downvoted a ton

  • tristanfarkas
    I feel like this could be abused to make it be in a situation where, I have a rainbow name, i'm much better then you kinda situation, when nitro shouldnt really be giving you any kind of power like that.
  • ٴٴٴٴٴ Charm


    A rainbow name would interfere with the role colors in servers. It would cause too much confusion and is not necessary. Besides, you already have a Nitro badge that is displayed on your profile to indicate you have purchased Nitro.





  • Koro

    Would be cool if it does but its annoying for Server Owners / Mods

  • HG

    It would certainly NOT overload the server woth API requests, however, I do agree that this should not be implemented anyway.

  • Frosty
  • MoonlightCapital
    just no
  • Sammwy
    that sounds laggy
  • Zelen_Alexander

    It's a good idea.

  • Deauthorized


  • Aurelian


  • Aurelian


  • enimaloc

    No because is an API Abuse and if rainbow roles was allowed all Discord will be more slow

  • enimaloc

    No because is an API Abuse and if rainbow roles was allowed all Discord will be more slow

  • Lengo
    This would be bad for the Discord servers (like the hosting type) because of all of the API requests.
  • litch

    It would be pretty cool ur idea

  • MapleKip

    Like it!

  • Text

    Metallic colors, glittery colors, glowing, etc etc. Lots of filters they can apply imo

  • Med

    is not a good edey but is cose relly good LAG :/

  • Heck

    if you want rainbow roles you'd need to make a bot just change role colors

  • Rainbow_of_Sass

    Honestly I think having a rainbow role would be amazing! Like yeah it might be laggy... but if discord can handle Pokébot over thousands of servers at any given time I’m sure they can figure out a way to either promote rainbow colour changing bots or just give an option to chose rainbow colour on roles normally and have it change say every 5-10secs?

  • Heck

    @Rainbow_of_Sass Discord doesn't host any of the bots, they created specific apis for bots to interact with servers.

    If you want a role color changing bot you can most likely find one with a simple search, or learn the basics of programming and use a discord library (Discord.js, Discord.py, Discordia) to make it and host it yourself

  • OpeyDopeyPug

    Ermm well maybe it could be toggleable

  • HG

    @Rainbow_of_Sass Discord doesn't host any bots. The creators of the bots host them. Also, a rainbow effect would not even have an impact on Discord's server as a rainbow effect is client side. It would only affect clients with lower end machines, which is not a good thing. There is literally no point in rainbow effects.

  • HG

    @Heck a color changing bot is against the API rules as it will be sending too many requests.

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