Avatars by server


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  • Matador

    Agree !

  • Kari

    I neeeeeeeeed this. There are some servers where I have my name changed to fit a theme, but my avatar can't be. The only work-around is to have multiple Discord accounts, which isn't fun at all. Hopefully this could be implemented without much trouble?

  • nightelfspectre

    I would love this! Perhaps a user could set one of them as the "default" avatar for newly-joined servers or direct messages.

  • robaxelsen

    Yes! This, so much this.

  • SweeZ

    YEEESS, we need this ! Plz Discord <3

  • Dragoneex

    Yessss 100% we need this

  • LCDR Erebus Kingsley

    Have any developers seen this?

  • Deth

    Devs, please fix this. I work for a company and don't really want my private groups to have to see my paid job avatar. I especially don't want my other groups to think I'm pushing my company's thing on them. 

  • Mobius

    Totally support this.

  • MissEvelyn

    Would it really be so hard to implement? Please listen to the community and consider this, Discord devs.

  • Hans

    This way I can have a normal profilepicture on work related servers, and something else on gaming servers.

    BTW, You should change the title to Avatar/profile picture so people who search for it can find this suggestion.

  • Darthy

    100% Needed!

  • xxZmija

    I've been wanting this for ages! C'mon discord do it already

  • BroccodiIe


  • Cloud

    Need this so badly!

  • BadBoy

    deffinitely a much sought after feature. and let's face it, nobody understands why it is not available. can't be that hard to implement, cause ther eis already a seperate nick for each server possible. ok, granted, picture size might be an issue. but you could limit file size to something workable, like 30 or 50k, and even if you make it a pay feature I am sure loads of people would be willing to pay a small monthly fee to have it

  • TheDemonDude

    This used to be a thing on the ancient medium of Livejournal. One could have up to 15 user pics, and choose which one to use on what thread or post. 
    It SHOULDN'T be too hard, I'd say. We already get to upload 50 something emojis per server we make, why not userpics? It should not be hard at all, if you can change your name per server.

    So I whole-heartedly vote YES on this feature and support it 100%.

  • Crispy

    10000% agree with this!! definitely! 

  • GuiGuiSoft


  • Snivy Films

    that would be nice.

  • Diablo_0

    10001% agree with this!! definitely! 

  • MJ

    I'm genuinely confused as to why it's not a thing already. It would be so helpful.

  • Kachika

    So much YES ! I would definitly love to have an avatar to feet in the various community i'm part off. (Professional,Art ,Gaming, Rpg etc)

  • DerHexenmeister™

    So much yes.

  • JJ The Genie 🌙


  • Reuster aka Reu


  • BroccodiIe

    Can we keep this alive? It would be a great feature

  • Amethyst Shade

    WANT!!!! This is necessary and clearly in demand. NEXT UPDATE PLEASE DISCORD DEVS!!

  • Reuster aka Reu

    Share this everywhere!!!

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