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    Sony would need to hit us up for the collabo to make this one a reality. 

  • Baxter

    OH MY GOD YES. It’d revolutionize everything, FOREVER!

  • Jethro#0001

    We'd need playstation/Sony to collaborate with us on this.

  • Jake Pauler

    4r bro

  • a cool username

    Yeah I've wanted this for a while
    Discord hasn't done anything about it though

  • Jospla Gamer

    PLs add discord for PS4

  • The Mad Queen

    I was just coming on here to post about this actually, but I’m glad there’s already a post. I would welcome a PlayStation Network Discord Connection, especially since it would prove useful in a PlayStation-themed Discord server. This must have been easier to accomplish on Microsoft and Valve’s side with Xbox and Steam, otherwise I imagine the team at Discord would have implemented this feature in already. Whatever is binding them back, I hope it is resolved soon!

  • toadkalle

    Yo, the fortnite community managed to change/force the Sony big dogs to have a change of heart. That's just the community of one game. Surely a community so involved in basically every online game can accomplish the same.

  • D0N

    Please all i want for 2019 is this (and the following years after that)

  • Natsu

    Same here, i love how discord can +/- unify all your games/platforms so you can see and show what you play and are playing. 

  • Chiaki Nanami

    I need this to exist in my life.

  • Jessie J [̲̅$̲̅(̲̅10)̲̅$̲̅]

    I'd love to have discord on the PS4 as well since sony's comms allows you to have a party of up to 8 users. Furthermore discord on ps4 would allow for cross-platform chatting without having to use another device (a pc for example) to chat with friends whom are using a diffrent device.

  • chickenslips

    Need discord badly on ps4

  • fl00d3d

    Has anyone from the Discord Team reached out to Sony?  If so, what was their response?  If not, would you be willing to do this on behalf of your users?

  • Sargent snuggles

    We need it to be able to have a discord PSN account connections like they do with xbox this would make us PS4 players more noticeable and funner with discord and especially for people who use mobile and this will make everything much better with this

  • sxrpnch

    you can contact sony, communication goes both ways. you should be wanting your product to be affiliated with sony, not the other way around. it would benefit a lot to be able to have the same features as PC and xbox users, and be fair.

  • Armando

    God Idea!!

  • Patergue

    Yes, please everybody need it! ;)

  • Fatal

    Bump. Need a proper cross-platform voice option for the ps4 and this would be stellar, especially with the unveiling of cross-platform play (FINALLY)

  • About84Cats

    not just ps4 but ps3 too? thatd be nice 

  • 10_Feet_Under!

    Just all of PSN in general would be great this point.


    yes!!! this needs to happen!

  • [Kyle]

    If it is only with video games could it be also with Hulu and other  TV show platforms on the ps4 or 3? (YouTube etc.) just saying when it actually happens.


    Yes, very need!!

  • Frosty
  • Thediamonddecade

    Everyone just spam tweet PlayStation

  • MarcDom | Icy Hell

    Officially, what can we do to push this along?

  • Dirtysausage aka pandabutter

    Voted and twitted!!

  • use code fearlicia

    It would be actually cool for my friends to see what I am playing on PS4, who doesn’t want PSN connections?

  • Pluvillion

    I've been seeing some people playing on their PS4 because of a third-party rich presence program, but I would LOVE to see it for real. Didn't Sony say that they're going to start supporting cross-platform? They might as well doing it with Discord in terms of communication.

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