Add functionality to nickname others


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  • Elly

    Click on the person you want to add the nickname to and you can add it under the "Note" section. This idea has already been implemented.

  • nolargemonsters

    Notes aren't easily visible and can't be used for sorting. If they were all that was needed we presumably wouldn't need server nicks either. Agreeing with the OP that it should be implemented for friends, at the very least.

  • Chikun89

    Like on steam that you can nickname people?

  • fantom

    Similar to that, but it wouldn't be for just your friends. It'd be everyone on the server, but not a server setting. It'd be a client setting

  • Tex

    I think it would be better if that is a server option, not a personal option.
    So a server decides if you can or can not see that from ALL member (or certain ranks).
    It would help me out with the gaming community I run to easier Identify people with their nicknames in the server or their discord tag in DMs...!

  • Dust

    As an artist who gets in contact with most of his commissioners through discord (chat is quicker than notes), sometimes theyd change their username and forget to remind me, so when i look for them i cant find them and thus they end up losing their slot and i lose a client; sure i can ask them for a set userpage i can reach them out to, or set up a server, but both are too time consuming to manage; i could just add their username to their notes and then look for it in the search feature and it would be super helpful, it would also help me categorize them (IE if i add the Commissioner word on the notes, it would show all people with that word on their note)

  • Laendra

    Yep, I would definitely use this feature as I hate having to view the notes to figure out how I know a person's alias...

  • gtflip

    Is this marked completed because you can put it in the note field?

    If so, I don't think that's what the OP meant -- I think they meant something like Steam's where it will show up next to the user's nickname, not something you have to click on a user to see.  Notes are handy, but it's not the same.

    Also, I don't see a way to search notes, so you would have to go through each user, clicking on their name, to see if the one you're looking for is in the notes.

  • cameronbears

    Why is this marked as completed? This feature is not available.

  • Fairyartos

    The feature will be extremely helpful, if such nicknames are pingable. No obfuscated nicknames anymore.

  • Forgi_Forgeth
    That would be helpful for people who have loads of friends that they need to keep track of.
  • Jonn [he/him]

    All the emoji's and special characters people use in their name is a nightmare for accessibility. Being able to nickname people would help the usability of TTS by not making them have to constantly re-read the dozen of emoji's some people tact to the end of their names.

  • Mos

    Really need that. Or client-side name change, or option to sort by note, or some client-side groups where i can put some contacts (only for me so they dont see each-other and i can see all my customers fast).

    For example in my case part of my work is in discord and to PM a customer (who can often change nickname and there is a lot of customers in general and amount is growing) i just need to scroll through all contacts and guess if he is my customer or i just played wow with that guy at some times.

  • newcumber

    This is definitely my biggest annoyance with Discord. I’m spoiled by apps like Whatsapp and Telegram using names from my phone contact book; by Steam chat’s ability to add nicknames to people; and, more than anything else, the fact that people don’t tend to change their nicknames in IRC. It’s such a seemingly minor thing, but it’s one of those small things that you only really appreciate when it’s gone. (Or maybe I’m just weird.)

  • Barefoot Monkey

    If the devs drop everything just to add this feature it would be worth it, because inability to assign personal nicknames to other users is the single biggest downside to using Discord, which is otherwise absolutely wonderful. See how Steam does it - it works beautifully there.

  • grocal

    This should be a thing at least for friends. Right now I got bunch of them with nicknames that are in fact meaningless for me. I'd rather see the names/nicknames/aliases etc. set for them by me. Like, instead of DudeMe#1234 I should see Martin Smith which I set for that contact/friend.

  • Regnareb

    Even MSN had that... it's so basic and required in any chat software that it's chocking not to have it.

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