Generate an invite link to add a user to a role.


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  • Peridot - GemWorld Talk!

    i agree too.

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  • pigs dont fly - GT 🎅🇵🇹

    I also used the invite-role bot. It’s easy to setup and does the job, but I have to say it has a terrible downside which is the way server acts with that bot function. When someone joins server the roles are assigned properly but server don’t display channels feed for a while. This can defeat the interest of a new discord user to start engaging and just leave because it is so slow. I guess this being a discord feature would make things role faster...

    side note, I’ve also asked for some bot devs to have a command that makes a bot send a message on designated channel everytime someone gets a role assignment. Functionality comes along with this feature in discussion; now you get bots to send a Welcome message to new users joining server, but even if you have the invite-role bot sending people to designated welcome channels, the welcome message will still display in every single channel setup for bots to auto welcome people. This is making my head in for days now...

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  • JKybett

    I need this so much!
    There is a server I have where I could double the users I could be inviting to it but can't include a large demographic because there are certain areas that would have to be specific to one half of the user base or the other.
    In this specific server it is incredibly difficult (and would be very time consuming) to find out and/or verify which of these two groups users belong to but very easy to restrict which invite links these people have access to.
    I have a different server where I invite people with single-use invites and this would simplify giving the right people the right roles.
    I can also see this being useful for servers that are linked to patron systems or memberships, servers that are used in a professional setting, and any other servers using roles to identify a portion of the user base that is different for reasons external to the server.

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