Nested Categories


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  • 🐻🐇her boo bear/senpai💝💘


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  • Ciel

    This would be great even if it's only 1 layer deep. It's a pretty trivial change to make, too.


    Has been asked before....

  • 黒澤ルビィ ★★★★

    Isn't this just what channel categories are?

  • catrone3

    This would be a much welcomed addition

  • NoiseMantle

    Please do.

  • Hannibal69

    Another yes

  • Kai

    I think the idea is more along the lines of having subcategories for the categories. So adding another layer for structuring.


    Something like this:

    - category A

      - subcategory 1

         - text channel

      - subcategory 2

      - text-channel

  • Fokson

    I'd like to second this.  Categories were a godsend when they were introduced, but we can take them farther!

  • justinboggs

    Yes I need lots of nests!

  • Erika Krisztian

    Yes, channels and subchannels would be great as Kai described

  • waffles
    Translation: 4 hours ago Hey hey I run a server with over 110 channel and various categories and it is not an end in itself there are more and more ... Well my suggestion .. Is it possible...? Subcategory to create ... So that one can create category in categories and move existing ones ..... What do you say to that ... ask for an answer ...
  • theoverlord1090

    Yes, I also see hane about 110 channel and accordingly categories... Sorry my Englisch not god

  • theoverlord1090

  • theoverlord1090


  • Abstract_Thot

    Please, I would really enjoy this feature! This would be very useful for organizational purposes.

  • Reznikov

    Please I really need this

  • Fours

    @discord @everyone

  • TheTolexDok

    It need!

  • Bazinga

    Can we bump this post?  

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  • mcnafa

    much needed please add

  • mcnafa


  • Sarcasam

    OMG DISCORD JUST ADD THIS ALREADY, this BETTER be the next update or this support website is useless

  • theoverlord1090

    That's so many requests now because of subcategory ... And it's not being considered a pity actually

  • theoverlord1090


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