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  • Sir Buggie



  • Cmdr Birdnose

    It’s the only reasonable mode to type in on small devices. Telegram supports it so it clearly can be done.

  • Ol Nicodemus

    This is reportedly available on Android devices, so I don't understand why it's 2019 and we still don't have a way to do this.

  • Krobo
    that be out of proportion I think
  • Q.

    I would love if you add Landscape Mode for smaler devices.

    Why? Typing! Landscape mode is (for me) a must have if you want to write a few lines of text. Typing with 2 fingers is for me more efficient than using one finger or use swipe.

    I can write complete and long Mails in Outlook on iOS in Landscape Mode. In Discord its not possible since.. ever. I Also dont want to buy a bigger phone for this "feature".


  • DovaKrieger - ELY/RZR

    Landscape mode?


  • Cmdr Birdnose

    It really teases you. If you launch it in landscape mode the splash screen briefly appears in landscape before switching to portrait.

    This is my biggest frustration with Discord, and the main reason I wish so many of my friends didn't use it.

  • Hawk Diesel

    I have asked the developers to enable landscape mode on this app too for iOS devices. If other devices have it, why not for iOS? It will make typing out messages less uncomfortable among other advantages. Hopefully they see all requests to enable this feature from various supporters of this app and enact it sooner than later.

  • Greg

    What’s even worse is that it works on the iPad. So why is the iPhone not working?

  • DankShiro

    please on iphone!!!! my finger nearly broken waiting for 6 months

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