Fix paypal balance subscription


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  • ✨🌌 milacich🎅🏿🎄

    Yeah, nice suggestion, I had a expensive knife in CS:GO so I sold it on a site, and they sent me money, so now I have Paypal balance, but Discord wants me to buy with a card, please fix this issue so I can buy Last Year: The Nightmare.

  • popeeyy

    I have lots of paypal balance, but I can't use it on something I want! Please let me pay with paypal balance!

  • Alex |

    True, I think the CC restrictions make it so alot less people can actually buy nitro.

    It would be a huge benefit to discord, in my opinion, because not everybody owns one, or it isnt realistic.

  • Florian

    Wrote a bigger and more detailed post about payment methods including this one, you might check it out so we can combine our votes and power. :)

  • Neztore

    Pretty sure this is a PayPal issue - not a discord one?

  • ||Jojo||
    I think thats because Nitro is a subscription and Paypal doesn't allow it for subscription. Discord would have to allow one-time payment when using Paypal balance.
  • Toepas

    Come on discord. Please add that we can buy nitro with paypal balance. You will get more money with it because a lot of people wants it so do it


  • Avengersman

    Discord please allow purchasing with Paypal Balance. I have loads of money on there but I can't use it on Nitro

  • 𝕎𝕠𝕝𝕗𝕪

    5 Months ago and still no response from discord itself...

  • !Nis
    I want to buy with the balance of paypal :(

  • Tokki

    I wish i could pay with Paypal balance too i got my account verified with no credit card linked and is sad i cant used it on Discord

  • JustMano

    still waiting... cmon discord add this already

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