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  • Zacatero
    I honestly dont see any point in this. If you're sending it to a person, either youre ALREADY in a DM with them, or you just sent a link in a channel so they can just click your name and boom theyre in a DM with you. So what purpose would this DM invite link have?
  • megannnjay
    I don't really understand what the point would be since it's not like other people could access these DMs and if you're somewhere with that person you can just hit their name and the send message option. You can also use the shortcut `ctrl+k` to pull up the search to find that user
  • Raysa


    I'd really like to know the answer of the post, as I am trying to create a Role Play server, with a website, and I'd like to put a direct link to my DM's on the website to validate the character sheet.

    So can someone please help with answering the question ?

    Thanks !

  • KaraMarx

    Hey guys, just use
    and change USERID to the userid of the user the link should send to

  • KaraMarx

    Also @megannnjay and @Zacatero, stuff like " I honestly dont see the point of this" or "I dont really understand" 
    Why would you post then,your not helping with this. 

  • 23 Aaron

    @kara huge help, thank you!

  • lesbensaft

    @K4raM4rx DMs have their own IDs, it won't work that way. Sad. 

    @megannnjay @Zacatero are you guys serious...? With all due respect, but your comments are not just useless, but also completely ignorant. Other messeging platforms/ways to convey information exist, and if you want to leave your Discord somewhere for others to contact you, for example on a homepage or contact information, it would be very crucial to have some sort of permanent link or name (unlike your Username@Tag which can be changed at any given time) to leave that.


    That being said, still no solution for this? I've been researching for a while now and could really use a solution for this...

  • Kindolf

    @lesbensaft, you can make direct to dm @links on the discord servers. What's even better is that the tag auto updates to their new server name if they charge it. The only drawback is that they need to be on the server where you're using the tag.
    I do this from my mobile with developer mode on to help contact my member list rapidly contact my members.
    Go to their profile and copy their Id from inside the 3 dots. Return to the channel you're storing the info. You can put text first such as a name, then it will be '<@playerid>

    Leave out the '  and it'll create a link that you or anyone else can use to dm the person instantly, and the person in the tag won't receive notifications.

  • lesbensaft

    @Kindolf Thank you, but I at least think that's hardly a workaround. I'm aware that I can DM people when I am in a server with them, but I can't assume that's always the case.

    I'm looking for a way for people to be able privately DM me at any time, joining a server to do so is not just inconvenient and unprofessional, it's also no longer private, since anyone would be able to see they joined.

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