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  • Deum

    Someone in alpha said font scaling is already included. So it may just be a matter of waiting for it's release.

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  • ManeBionicleGali

    Font scaling can't come soon enough after this disaster of an update, forcing larger text and tiny margins on everyone.

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  • JuJuBee

    This is the most annoying oversight about Discord. It has hurt my eyes unbelievably to use this app. Not all Discord users are the young. You have quite a lot of over 50 that are just as savvy and on the level as the rest, so text size should be one of the first customizable features on the list!

    Besides, reading such teeny tiny text in mobile whether a black or white background is a real strain on eyes at any age, and bad even for the young by causing eye problems prematurely. Mobile needs this bad.

    As a matter of fact, twice now I've lost the debate in a mixed age community group (like a robotics club,) to use Discord versus other communication apps, and we always have to use one of the others available that have less features and flexibility. To the horror and disappointment of the kids and young adults in our group, and myself. So what if the others can work just fine, they are very boring and have a stiff feel to them. We lose the debate because the other adults have problems and annoyances reading the text on their phones when that's necessary, and they overpower the decision. Something to think about.

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