Fix the hierarchy of role permissions so they work again.


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  • Sola

    An easy workaround, if I understand the problem correctly, is to simply add the 'muted' role and remove the 'member' role.

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  • Nystemy

    And that is currently what I am doing.
    Though, gets a bit annoying if they also have additional roles giving them access to other channels as well. (Game specific channels, artist channels, etc.)
    Because then I need to plot all that information down after muting them, rather tedious work.

    And before Discord made the change to how permissions work, I could always just give them the mute role and leave all the other roles untouched, and it all worked perfectly.

    So the change to how permissions work is an obvious step in the wrong direction as far as my use of roles is concerned. Though, I am not really alone when it comes to running a server with a member role, and other channel specific roles, while also having a mute role.

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  • Epsilon

    honestly It makes me question why the roles even have a hierarchy in the permission list if it's not gonna matter. That being said; any clue if there is going to be an update that's gonna fix this? 

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  • H¥PΞ ❘❘ R.K GAMING

    I can't mute a person when he is spamming he have mute role but can write why ?

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