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  • longinu

    Please change it back!! When I was at the library and listening music through discord with Airpods, then the Airpods out of battery and the music was automatically playing on spear REALLY LOUD. Super inconvenient. This is not what design suppose to be like

  • Sinsiati

    I keep in contact with my SO through discord. We sleep on both ends with discord on. It’s incredibly annoying to have to mute eachother and turn eachother down completely just so we don’t have to hear the other person be too noisy while trying to sleep. Please discord bring this option back. It should have never been removed. I don’t want to share my call with anyone around me. Please bring back the phone option not just speaker.

  • ShenYang

    It's been more than a month... has anyone heard anything more?

  • Mom

    I fail to understand what is gained by removing something like this. Discord, why?? My headphones have an awful built in microphone that I cannot disable so any time I use your app for what it's meant to be used for it's blasting my friends' voices for my roommates to hear. Again, why?

  • TM | NOVA

    Make sure to tag @discordapp on Twitter and write about this. We need to do more to get their attention.

  • Anistazya/Heliwyne - WRA

    Honestly - This is the worst thought out change ever - right up there with "NEW coke".  There was no reason to change this and limit our options.  It was easy as heck to simply select if we wanted speaker or use as private phone function or whatever device we wanted.  This will make me and many of my friends look for something other than Discord and that sucks because otherwise I liked Discord. We are not always in game, when we are talking to our friends and out on public  or other places like work or something that are massively public speakerphone conversations are highly UNDESIREABLE!   Please bring our options and privacy back.

  • Kenai

    If your on the iOS test flight you can roll back to version 2.4.5 although that's only for the next thirty days. Sucks that they did this but last time I update without seeing what they changed first. 

  • kylee

    my boyfriend and i use discord to communicate, and this whole “speaker” thing is bull. we should be able to have OPTIONS. not everyone wants to hear my conversations, and that’s how i’d feel as well. please give us our privacy back, and fix this problem. clearly quite a few people are disappointed with this update, and i know some people that have stopped using the app completely bc of this.


    💯 agreed.

  • ...('v')...

    Make discord back to like first

  • Axel23

    Why is this not reverted yet?

  • nina

    I am super disappointed in this update. I use discord regularly on my phone and pc as well to stay in touch with friends throughout the day. As I have an iPhone XS, I can’t charge with earbuds in. I understand not everyone may have used the feature but I feel as though enough people do so that it shouldn’t be removed. Also as posted before, I believe it’s counter productive to remove features, people appreciate options. I also feel as though I should unsubscribe from Discord Nitro as it feels a waste to actively fund and support a company that doesn’t value its user experience. I genuinely hope they bring this feature back since this is a major let down and nobody wants to go back to using Skype.

  • NA_Player

    Whatever internal reason they had for making this change resulted in an objectively less versatile customer experience which inarguably makes it a mistake.

    I am unable to use Discord as often as I used to and in less situations than I used to.

    Unless their aim is for people to use their App LESS, to not fix this would simply be incompetence from the developers.

  • `Искра

    I never realized this was an intentional change until checking this thread. I’m not sure why the Discord team thought this was a good change. Now I can’t stay on a call while going through stores because I’m unable to change the audio from speaker to the normal phone output. Horrible change that should be reverted, but knowing how awful Discord is at doing anything users want, I doubt it will be changed back.

  • ItsAnEmi

    Plus; some people are sensitive to loud noises. Personally my phone on speaker is fairly loud even on the lowest setting. So I can’t turn it down and it makes me freak out

  • Cruentus

    It would be awesome if I could use this without broadcasting to everyone around me.  What was the point of this and why hasn't it been addressed after so much time?

  • Kenai

    I don’t think the developers have any intention to revert this much less look at the ticket.

    They flat out don’t care. 

  • Tayjia

    Hmm, anybody from Discord care to explain why the phone feature was removed for iOS users? Publicly I mean?

  • Mom

    Two months ago I asked them on twitter immediately after the change and whoever runs the account said it was a known bug.

    “I'm sorry for the trouble! I checked with the team and it looks like this is a known issue we're looking into! I'm sorry I can't give an ETA on a fix, but hang tight and we appreciate your patience!”

  • Kenai

    Can you link that tweet?

  • Mom

    Sure, here ya go (hope it works)

  • Kenai


  • tiny's mom.

    there's also this one from another source:

    they later changed their response saying that they did it because users asked for it and wanted that. which makes no sense, since the "change" was only applied to iOS.

    it rly just feels like they're too lazy to fix the bug, at this point i have no hopes anymore 🤠

  • Kenai

    No one asked for it. The developers said personally they removed it because most people used speakerphone.
    They never mentioned asking users.

  • Kenai
    Here’s a screen capture of the developer’s notes.

  • Mom

    I still don’t get the logic of removing a feature that was certainly widely used. They could be ahead of the communication app game even on mobile but they choose not to.. for simplification? Personally I’d rather not hear someone for the two seconds it takes to actually switch over to speaker audio. Or you know, it could be made an option. Regardless, they don’t care to reply or revert it yet. And oh, look, we ARE asking for it to come back. Crazy. 🤪🤪 because not everybody likes or uses earbuds or headphones.

  • tiny's mom.

    devs have replied to some emails saying that it was because people were "confused" on how to change it, and that some asked for it. i'm not saying that's what happened, i'm saying that's what they have used as an excuse for this. as they have said it was a bug initially. and as they have also said that it was intentional by them. you can see some responses even in this thread and on reddit that people posted from emails.

    it's been two months already, it just rly feels like they're lazy and that's it fam

  • Kenai

    It feels like they’re lying to users intentionally.

  • tiny's mom.

    yup 🤠

  • Kenai

    Probably why the added the arbitration clause that way when they lied they couldn’t get sued.

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