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  • Mom

    This whole change was extra frustrating since I don’t live alone and the Bluetooth headphones I do have, use a terrible call function with discord or any similar app by default. It can be disable on my computer but not mobile. (Headphones fault, but it would be cool if there was a way to disable it via discord aka selecting input audio.)

    Plus headphones are rather uncomfortable for me when lying down so I used to basically be able to use discord to call people and use my phone... like a phone. Without the awful call quality of normal cellular calls. But beyond that, I pay for nitro every year so this feels like I shouldn’t bother letting it resub if they don’t care what I and so many others dislike about a reversible change.

  • Kenai

    That is a limitation of iOS not discord. However if the developers would tell the truth and stop lying and maybe actually fix it. Then it wouldn’t be a problem.

  • Mom

    Oh I forgot to mention I did reply to one of this tweet of theirs:

    And mentioned how they should return this feature. I linked my reply when they asked for Mobile feature suggestions.
    My reply here:

  • 🐲 Xavier Alexander 🐲

    I can’t stand it. It’s a total breach of my privacy to take away the ability for me to use the normal phone speaker rather than the loudspeaker. I am also in a long distance relationship with my partner and we too enjoy having private conversations.

    On top of this - she cannot hear me on Android if I use my headphones!

    I’m cancelling my Nitro until it is fixed. Money talks.

  • Tuitey Fruity

    I want them to change it back! Sometimes my headphones/earbuds don’t work! I want to just hold my phone against my ear and not hold it up to my mouth! It’s awkward and annoying!!!

  • MysteriousAeon

    I have no idea why this change was made in the first place. If users are confused and usually use the speaker option, why not just make the speaker OPTION the default one? Why would you remove an option from iOS that is still existant on Android. And please for the love of god, don't remove it from Android as well. This change makes no sense.

    I can no longer have private conversations with my girlfriend who has an iPhone through Discord because of this change and have to resort to WhatsApp with inferior audio quality. Please add the option back, this doesn't benefit anyone and just inconveniences that used to use the phone mode.

  • Shinsan

    IOS app speaker only is kinda narrow minded. Time to change I guess.

  • Halemore

    The change still hasn't been reverted... keep this thread alive! How absurd...

  • Roman_Bogdanov

    Мне очень интересно, почему на Android, есть функция выбора между динамиками, и в IOS ее нет. Если всё-таки вы не можете скопировать "древо", с внесением изменений для IOS, то верните внутренний динамик. Товарищи разработчики вы уж постарайтесь, мы в "вас" верим!

  • Tuitey Fruity

    Give us back the phone option!!!

    Seriously. My headphones make a lot of static with discord so I always used it like a phone! Able to hold it against my ear with my shoulder as I get life shit done.

    I can’t do that if I’m holding the phone to my face with my hands!!! I need my hands!!!

    Give us back the phone option!!!

  • FruityFusion

    Please for the love of god fix it, its just 10 lines of code maximum... 


  • TM | NOVA

    Hi guys! If we want to get some real traction with this, we need to do more. But don't worry; it's quick and easy!

    App Store Reviews
    1) Go to Discord's page on the App Store here:
    2) Rate the app one star ⭐️
    3) Press the "Write a Review" button
    4) Write a relevant title or copy/paste this one: Still no ability to make calls while holding phone to ear
    5) Optional: write a relevant review description, or copy/paste this one:
    The app used to have this feature, and it was removed without a good reason. Discord isn't very useful without it. Please add it again! :(
    6) Note: every time Discord releases an update, ratings and reviews are purged. You will need to repeat these steps to make your rating/review count.

    1) Write a relevant tweet and tag @discordapp in the post, or copy/paste this one: @discordapp please add the ability to make calls while holding the phone to your ear on iPhone! Discord isn't useful without it. :(

  • Mom

    They don't update the app often so we'd just have to redo the reviews every few weeks, but I'll be doing this! Great ideas, Nova.

  • CarlStirner

    Bring back the small speaker! It is impossible to use Discord on the phone without it.

  • jaylo ✨

    In an older update the “iPhone/Speaker” function for choosing if you want your call on speaker or just to be normal volume. Even if I turn my volume all the way down on my phone, it’s so loud that everyone around me can hear because it’s just on speaker by default and I can no longer change it. Really unfortunate and forces me to use some other method to contact people when I am in public.

  • Remi

    It is beyond me why this hasn't been fixed yet. Will have to switch to skype or smth else if Discord doesn't listen to its community.

  • Greg

    I first though that it is a bug or my phone small speaker has died, so you can imagine my surprise when I discovered that this was intentional. To deliberately remove an option. This is beyond me! It's one thing to make the interface simpler and slicker, but it is a completely different thing to remove a vital functionality piece from a perfectly working app.

  • Tayjia

    Amen Greg!

  • GheyBouy

    It just genuinely confuses me how this has been such a large issue in the community for so bloody long, and the Devs just couldn't care less. Like, surely heaps of the development and testing team are aware of this issue and also find it annoying. I've never made a post here because I figured "oh they just made a mistake in the update"..... But nope. Please, bring earpiece calls back.

  • MRizkBV

    I love using it to get in contact with my friends but being speaker only now makes it a less favorable choice unfortunately

  • Mosie

    I never post on these forums - but today I went on discord again and truly thought that there was a glitch for the past few months not being able to use the regular iPhone functionality. Please return the functionality of being able to switch between the iPhone/Speaker. It is incredibly frustrating not being able to have the privacy to chat with friends in discord. This should never be Speaker only. Please fix this the community is clearly requesting it...

  • rainydeer

    Headphones for Discord? That’s such a lie. I plugged my headphones into my phone and no matter what settings I messed around with it was always blasting on speaker. The speaker setting ALWAYS goes on full volume even if my phone volume was off. Please change this back, because even the headphones won’t work with Discord. The speaker is EXTREMELY loud too, so I can’t call my friends anymore. Everyone in the house could hear me and everyone in the server could hear what I didn’t want them to.
    Discord is my only outlet to communicate with my irl and online friends, this needs to be changed back.

  • rainydeer

    This used to prevent me from speaking on Discord entirely with my old phone. It had a busted speaker and microphone, but it worked on the normal mode. If I spoke into the speaker microphone it would just give out static and buzzing no matter how loud I spoke. When this feature was taken away i couldn’t join a call with any of my friends, even now I rarely can because I don’t want anyone to hear private conversations between the people in my house or between me and my friends.

  • chaNcharge

    Looks like they added this back in 3.0.4!

  • tiny's mom.



  • Tayjia

    YAAAY! It’s true. We can choose speaker OR phone again. (Or headset, too)

  • EX80

    it wont let me change to speaker im clicking the button i can mute end the call or switch to the face time thing but not just put it on speaker

  • Kenai

    It’s fixed, 3.0.4 is in testing though. Hasn’t been released.

  • EX80

    but im on 3.0.4 it was fine before it updated yesterday 


  • Vixxynn

    This is f*cking bullshit!!!! It turns on speakers so everyone around me can hear the conversation.. what a piece of trash decision!!

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