Complete account deletion


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  • SuperSajuuk
    when an account is deleted, the user leaves all servers and the account is named "Deleted User randomhash#random-tag". In the client, all the messages referring to that user are covered over by a non-existent "Deleted User#0000" so you can’t find anything about the user. Also, your idea won’t work because many servers use moderator bots that will probably already have the account named, and expecting discord to delete what is likely to be millions of messages under the "right to be forgotten" is unreasonable because it will break up conversation flow all over the place.
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  • Matthew

    This is completely compliant with the right to be forgotten, annoynamizing the data is sufficient, it doesn't have to be completely deleted.

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  • mesub
    That's gonna be a lot of gaps in messages
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  • Ben.
    It would also be nice if it would clear them out of bans too because it’s annoying to have a lot of deleted users in your ban list
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  • Avery

    Not complaint at all. Just because the data is "anonymized" doesn't really mean anything - you could still have personally identifiable information in the messages..

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  • Blockage6969

    Kind of ilegal if you ask me, the fact that you erase your account like other social media’s and deletes everything, then good you disappeared and want NOTHING to do with the account, but let’s be real, deleting you Discord account and thinking that your data will be deleted (which in reality it stays in FOREVER) like it doesn’t matter if the identity username is gone, is the fact that kids who are underage uses discord and god knows what they send through DM/servers, therefore, in discord, NOBODY is safe in it. There’s a million stuff that a current user could do with your past messages/post. Discord need to fix it now

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