Separate "move users" and "disconnect"


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  • evilmage_12

    how do you move People!

    i have tried to drag them 

    but it won't work!

  • AmaroqKitsune

    Dude, this is the wrong thread for that question. But to answer your question, you have to right-click.

  • kiwiSpecial

    As far as I understand, the Administrator permission bypasses all channel/category level restrictions, period. This includes max channel size. I understand that this is your concern in this particular instance, but I believe it's that way for a reason. Server administrators should not be blocked from anything, save reading DM's between server members.

    That being said, you can always have a private chat by calling the member you want to chat with. Administrators can not see nor interfere with you that way.

  • Zacatero
    I feel the same way!! This would be very helpful
  • Igor Almeida

    Let's share this so that they see this problem! =D

  • Poseidon

    I was about to make this same suggestion. I don't know why

    1. Discord keeps adding half baked updates to Discord Canary instead of at least attempting to properly implement them
    2. We don't get a change log on Discord Canary unless it's a big update that is also pushed out to the main client as well

    Please just at least give us a change log on Discord Canary so we know what's being added and changed.

  • sawayoshi

    Disconnect from what? Please specify in your suggestion a bit more.

  • origami yoba

    There is a new feature allowing you to disconnect people from server voice chats

  • ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖
    I want to say it’s with the permission Move Members, but I agree they should add its own permission for it.
  • Kizamy

    This is a disgrace! After 1 day, discord decides to add this permission, but from months of complaints about showing who moved one in logs, discord doesn't even consider doing it. Plus, you showed no indication of the permissions to use disconnect as a permission. Ironically, it is MOVE MEMBERS!

  • CoziaC

    I'm not only in total agreement with Luka's request - I even suggest the use of DISCONNECT becomes visible in the server-audit, showing who's messing around and can't control their privileged rights!

    (Guess u beated me to it, Luka) :)

  • Thor

    we have a lot of problems with this new feature . We have 3800~ users and we we use a channel for move people in private channels but now we cant use it anymore becouse we cant risk to give ppl the disconnect command .


  • origami yoba

    My server sort of has that same format for moving people into private chats. I don’t want to take their permission away since it sort of ruins the purpose of the server

  • Andy - MadWolf

    Why is this Feature not logged ?????
    in audit log this could be abused so much
    Please Fix this 

  • Tal zvida🐔

    right! In this case we are simply helpless, do not know who does it, and it hits a high level on the server ...

  • Sophia Turner

    They should be separated, the move member feature and disconnect.

  • Dr.Pepper

    Why add a feature that can be abused so much and not log it. Please do this discord!

  • Delmain

    This absolutely needs to be split into it's own permission.


    It also needs to be changed to be that you can only disconnect users from channels you can see.

  • SeniorOp


  • Cawsmic

    agree. it needs to be on the audit log aswell ! 

  • Zawoh

    Great idea ! (uu chui english)

  • Exaint
    Would be a great feature! Looking forward it

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