Add a way for Nitro Classic subscribers to boost a server


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    Even if Classic Boosts are only worth a partial boost (like 1/2 or 1/3 a full Boost or something), all Nitro users should be able to boost their servers!

    I mean, the full version of Nitro can keep the games, that was always the big selling point when they first launched it. Now it's turning into something else and Classic is being left in the dust.

    Some people can't afford the full version and/or don't care about the games! I don't see why these two factors should prevent users from boosting their servers!

  • Axon

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  • Steve

    I also agree. Where's my food, I need to cook something.

  • Steve

    That fact is 100% true.

  • Nót Xénó

    we need this, it actually helps people who are broke help boost their own server, if it isnt added for nitro classic, it would be a disadvantage.


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  • ThatSawsbuckGuy

    So much yes

  • Kyushu

    Thats true paying 10$ a month is not real worth it if you are only their for the boosting.

  • Zumbs

    hi. yes i would like that. lol.

  • RafaMarioFan

    Classic nitro users should be able to boost too.

    the proposal of nitro Classic, is having all the perks from nitro... without the games... I love discord, but I play on consoles too!

    And now Nitro classic users doesn't have ALL the perks anymore.

  • Daladex

    I too advocate this. I've been a Nitro subscriber since May 4th, 2017. Seeing that I couldn't boost my local Fighting Game Community server due to being a classic subscriber, it feels unfair to me.

  • Clincoin

    Casual suggestion that is functional:

    Nitro classic cost half of gamer Nitro. Give Classic half a vote.
    Let people upgrade from half a vote to a full vote for a little extra per month, like 1-2.5$.
    It lets the platform get the same amount of money for the same service, but less incentive for their game store subscription. Personally i think those interested in the game store will buy access anyway, and that having the option to boost with classic Nitro is purely healthy for the community.

  • DatThomaSs

    I like Discord, I like paying for the classic Nitro cause I use Discord almost every day and I'm in the process of building up a small community. But I can't play most of the store games cause I use a Mac a lot of times, plus I have a giant Steam library already.

    Please make boosting an option for Nitro Classic people too! <3

  • Ebony

    It feels really cheap that Nitro Classic members were left out, as they pay to use chat features and still support the platform, they should be able to support their favorite servers as well?

  • PancakeWaffles5

    I say that the nitro boosting should be like this, but you can only put one boost into each server you choose to boost every month

  • Beka

    Giving the Discord Nitro Classic server boost perks is a chat thing, not for games. At least Give Nitro Classic have 1/2 Nitro Boost, and the Gaming Nitro can have 2/2 boost. I think It's better that way, since Server boost is a chat perks.

  • J.

    I barely play games but cmon man. You gonna make me pay $10 just to boost servers i love? Ain’t fair if you ask me.

  • Kreh

    I paid classic almost every month since Nitro came out just so I can take advantage of gif profile pics and 50 MB upload. I love the idea of boosting servers, and I don't have any need for the free games.

  • Kreh

    It will be the exact same profit if they did the 1/2 vote thing (in this case, anyway).

  • Overtime

    I don't care about the game store, why is it pushed on us like this?

  • OJParker

    Much like my fellow users above me, I feel that this should be a perk that Nitro Classic shares with Nitro Games.

    I bought Nitro Games for myself and a 3 of others to test around and whilst it works and functions great, every single other user that has a Nitro subscription, has Nitro Classic. Thus, they can't contribute to the Server Boost tally.

    There has to be a compromise I am sure, there cannot be a flat "one has it and the other does not" when most opt for the Nitro Classic chat perks. This is looking very much like a chat perk and as such I feel it perhaps Nitro Classic could recieve 2 boosts a month and Nitro Games can have the standard 4 boosts a month.

    Even as low as 1 boost a month alongside the extra boost monetisation you will be adding, it would at least give Classic users the opportunity to contribute once a month without needing to spend more than their allocated $4.99 per month. If they then want to boost more, by all means have extra boosts available to buy but by allowing classic to boost even once a month I am sure it would appease the vast majority of Classic users.

  • redhotsonic

    I've never had Nitro before because none of the stuff you get interests me.  The only one I've wanted is better audio quality for the voice chats and even though I have about 1k members in my server, I can't get partnership (only 24k YT subs rather than the required 100k).  So when server boosting came, and it meant better audio quality, I thought I finally had a reason to get nitro and help boost the server.  For a fiver, Nitro Classic, I'd do it.  But for a tenner?  Just for that?  Nah.  I'm not interested in all the games or emojis or whatever.  A shame really.  So I'd definitely would want to see this ability come to Nitro classic.  When it does, then I'll go for it.

  • Captain Glume

    Yes, I don't WANT all the games. zero interest. What I'd much rather have is the ability to buy a subscription for my server directly, perhaps by donations etc to beef it up. My group's number is less then 10 so we can't even get to level 2.

  • Homage

    I agree with Captain Glume, I'd spend a lot of money to enable nitro features for the users in my server.

  • Novel Idea


  • Novel Idea

    Not only would this help out servers who share populations with other servers. 

  • Frith Ra

    Sorry but this is effectively a slap in the face to $5 tier supporters. All Nitro servers should be eligible. $10 tier gets an extra boost perhaps. This is clearly mean to push the Nitro store tier by locking desired features and improved quality of Discord overall behind a paywall. I thought the Discord team was better than this.

  • Strawberry Pimp

    I too wish to see server boosting to become available on Nitro Classic, because I'm just not willing to pay $99.99 a year for services.

    Amazon Prime is $50-60 a year (as student in the States), or 60 euros in Europe.
    Twitch subscriptions are $5 per channel.

    Free games and loot or whatnot are uninteresting to me, and I honestly think that the amount of users that would opt for nitro classic over no nitro at all would drastically increase with server boosting as an incentive, and would be a better business model than restricting server boosting to nitro (full tier), because it doesn't appeal anymore outside a certain budget.

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