few global emoji spots for level 3 nitro boosted servers (like 5)


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  • Forgi_Forgeth
    I think nitro boosted servers are getting plenty of perks.
  • ℍ𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕠 𝕋𝕙𝕖𝕣𝕖
    I feel like boosted servers have enough perks. Personally i’d like to keep global emojis as a nitro exclusive
  • GrifGrif 🔥🐾🌈
    They are really enough, They can add 350k Emotes this is fair
  • CrypticWisdom

    I totally agree, would make it all much more even and fair.

  • Kitten

    That seems like a really nice idea. I'm more than willing to support a server knowing that it'll give them more privileges and me possibly being a candidate for picking my own custom made global emoji. 

  • Cam
    Nitro Boosting should have more features, IMO.
  • Shadow.

    Couldn't agree more, I think there should be more incentive to reach level 3, and global emotes would be very cool!

  • Harley

    It would be super cool of a incentive to have level three capable of global emojis

  • ! Galletita Oreo
    the global emotes are rare to find them in servers and sincerely I would like them to remain that way
  • Cypher

    Oh boy...
    First of all, it is absolutely not "unfair to all other servers". As owner of such a global emote server, every server collected Subscribers to unlock those emotes and didn't get them for "free".
    A lot of people joined these servers, because Global Emotes were/are a real special thing on Discord. Make them public for every server = nothing special anymore. Literally nothing, except for making Nitro useless at some point (3-5 Globals per server, as you mentioned. Now think about the amount of existing servers and (grand)/Games-Nitros...)

    You basically want to get more members trough this, Could have also written that into the title, imo.
    "I'm more than willing to support a server knowing that it'll give them more privileges and me possibly being a candidate for picking my own custom made global emoji" - yeah...sure. Get 50/100 Subs and you will be one of those 3-5 to pick your own global emote. Do you even english, bro..

  • Taek

    Chill, we all know that discord is not on clear terms with global emote servers as it makes normal nitro useless and there was even a period where some were closed down, Discord doesn't get anything out of you owning a global emote server. I find it funny that you are actually claiming that it didn't come for free, do you think you can hoodwink people that spent 4 years on discord and saw it grow to what it became now? xd try better.

  • Cypher

    I don't get what you are trying to say, lol..
    You literally didn't refer to any of the arguments I mentioned above...

    And yes, we didn't get them for free. That's a fact. If you were not fast enough to use mentioned service in order to unlock global emotes, it is your own fault.
    Neither do I get why you mention your time on Discord? Do you think I don't know about stuff or I know less than you? Sure thing buddy.

    Sorry, but this is just something like (!I want more Members in my server!)

  • CyberneticSquid

    I support this idea, it'd provide a pretty good way of a server being able to get global emotes. Kind of annoying that basically the only servers you can find those are random streamers.

  • IPv4
    This would be amazing.
  • Suspense
    it's a good idea!
  • Quintenvw

    +1 as a tier 3 server owner I totally agree. We need more rewards for all the money people spend!

    However, I think it should be limited to 2 or 3 and maybe in a fourth tier.
    Also, it kinda destroys the idea of nitro and it will decrease the amount of nitro buyers. That's why I think it should get limited.

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