A Report Button to Report Servers


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  • NaturalGamer18

    I agree that things should be made easily accessible & understandable for everyone...such as in this case being able to report wrongful things by the click of a button. We shouldn't have to jump through tons of hoops which will in turn stop alot of people from taking the time to try to make the world a better place or in this case, reporting bad servers & keeping people safe. There is public servers out there that are harmful to others & doing things that should not be done & we should be able to easily report those servers. I myself didn't even know there was a way to report servers & I've been on Discord for quite some time now. I'm sure this is the same with others as well. Yes we don't want people to abuse the easy report button if it was there...but we need an easy way to report harmful / wrongful servers.

  • authous

    Maybe for the dropdown box you click on, there could be a button you could press to report the server you are on. You could select the discord ToS rule/s that the server is breaking and then provide more detail in a text box below. How the discord team would deal with these reports is really up to them, if they get multiple reports for the same server (with the same rules being broken and such) then the discord team could review it. If the server is breaking the discord ToS rules then the server would either be deleted, or the owner would have some kind of ban from discord. 

  • Happychichi AJ

    I think the discord team should send people to spy on different servers so that everyone is more careful because of the risk their server might be banned.

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