Mute all channels but one


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  • actiniumhydroperoxyl

    Seconded- there's already a way to do this, but manually muting all but one of the channels in huge servers where this would be required would take ages, even if they were in categories.

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  • caeldom

    I would also like this feature, have the same problem with multiple servers with many channels.

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  • eldorel

    I would like this as well. 

    One major issue at the moment is that new channels aren't muted by default, even if all other channels are. 

    For example, I had one server where I'd manually muted all channels other than #General, but the mods create new channels for events on a regular basis.

    So once a week, I needed to go into the server and manually mute 4 new channels. 

    This would not be an issue at all the notification options for the server had an option to invert or override the server mute. 
    This function would almost identical to the notification override that's already in place, only applied to the 'mute' option instead.

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  • Wolf

    this is a must have! ^^

    really annoying to mute 20-30+ channels manually and having to mute new ones as well :/

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  • 0xyg3n

    Please add this feature you developers. It's tiresome muting channel one by one and doing it for 20 channels n shit.

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