Option to clear the cache files


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  • Jackj106 Games

    - Shown here, app itself is ~40mb and the data is more than a Gigabyte

  • Yashu Mittal



  • JackDouglas

    Obviously not just on mobile. desktop versions too

  • ||Jojo||
    The cache get cleared when you log out and in again, I think a cleanup while logged in might break some things in the app.. Maybe a forced logout after a while would be better
  • Forgi_Forgeth

    Clearing the cache is going to be useful since it does take up space and most users do not need to use it. However, scheduled caches may not happen but clearing your cache in general is a good idea.

  • Sealion

    Not only does it clog up your drive with more files but if someone sends you or you see an image that shows something illegal it is on your drive PERMANENTLY until you delete it manually. Even if it is deleted on the discord server/DM

  • Trazire

    That's how Chromium works. Whilst they should implement that behavior (and probably are as we speak), one could run a cron job/scheduled task to delete that folder in the meantime.

  • DarkDreth

    Having a cron job clear the cache still leaves the files on the hard drive unless they're erased securely. 

    Because the first post points out the cache could be "incriminating" then I assume he wants protection law enforcement that has tools that could recover the data. My other assumption is that the user does not want to see any illegal content that would potentially get him in trouble, but it's impossible to control what other people post.

    If this is your concern my first bit of advice is to encrypt your hard drive with a complex password, no one but you would be able to access it. If you live in a country where privacy isn't a right and you're forced to give passwords to law enforcement (such as the UK), then Veracrypt offers plausible deniability by having two encrypted instances of the operating system with different passwords, you give law enforcement the password to the OS you don't use (technically you should use the other OS as often as the main one so it looks like the only OS installed)

    My second bit of advice, don't use Discord or any third party application. If Discord was subpoenaed for your user information they would be obligated to give it to law enforcement without your knowledge. They could see what servers you've joined, the channels you had access too, what messages you've sent, what messages exist in the channels you have access too, ect.

    When you think about it, it's very scary. If someone posted illegal content in a channel you had access to, you could potentially get wrapped up in an investigation even if you didn't see that content and didn't even know it existed.

    This is why privacy is important. People argue "If you have nothing to hide then you shouldn't be worried" but in reality situations like the one I stated above, where you didn't even know content was being cached on your computer, are entirely possible and people should take steps to protect themselves. Hell, you could make some dumb harmless joke and end up on a watch list, ruining your entire life.

    Having said all of this, you should probably try to avoid/leave servers that post content that you're not too sure about.

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