Turn off go live notification


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  • Phearal

    Thank you! I came here looking for information how to get rid of this and from your post I guess there isn't a way to do that. I don't like this feature either and want it gone from my view as well.  Not being able to turn it off is annoying.

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  • Rizsa

    dear god please. i want it to go away.

    its probably the dumbest thing they have ever added.

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  • NanoTechnicianHQ 📞

    it's really an after thought, it doesn't fit the gui. An alternative is to use the browser, doesn't seem to have the same issue.

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  • thepostit

    After all of the bugs I've encountered in the web app, that's a hard pass on switching.

    Besides, wouldn't that also remove the game overlay (I called it steam overly in OP, which was a brain fart, but gets the point across), which I explicitly said I liked?

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  • OkaHome

    I agree. I like having the overlay visible so I know who's talking in groups I don't recognize by voice yet, but having it pop up and tall me to stream every 30-60 minutes is annoying. (that is popping up when I load into a new match)

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