UI update makes messages too compact; Active tab should toggle


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  • cometkid

    Same, I thought I was in compact mode or something at first. The messages feel too claustrophobic now. I tried turning up the spacing between messages but it just feels like meaningless empty space between overly compact messages. I miss the old spacing and grey lines. I wish they would at least give us an option to change it back.

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  • Bre Kay

    I really hate the constant highlighting of my messages. And the old spacing was so much better. I've toggled the "Space between message groups" in appearance to 24px but it barely helped. I'm not sure if everyone else is experiencing this, but in my servers the lefthand side bar where everyone's names are is an extreme waste of space. There is a solid inch or two where there is no text at all, meanwhile all of our messages are cramped into one space. It's very unpleasing to the eye, and I wish I hadn't updated it. 

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