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    Don't wanna drill you on this, but maybe, in light of the introduction of NSFW channels, this line of the ToS should be narrowed down? 


    "As an example, you agree not to use the Service in order to:

    • post, upload, transmit or otherwise disseminate information that is obscene, indecent, vulgar, pornographic, sexual or otherwise objectionable"
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    Stormerino (Edited )

    Well, it's better than them forcing admins to delete channels, so I'm fine with it.  I would like to see a feature that warns new users that the server is 18+ though. This is a good step in the right direction, and I'm hoping to see more of stuff like this in the future!

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    Hotremox (Edited )
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    scatter (Edited )


     this means more tiddies

  • hey so i have a server that's 100% nsfw with multiple channels - is there any way we can get an option for a server-wide age gate instead? like this EVERY channel has the nsfw- prefix and it's mostly useless for identifying, plus makes channel names super hard to read on mobile 

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    RB Gaming

    cool. i geuss

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    Quick Tinker

    This 100% needs to have mobile integration. Prehaps also an option as to wether it will display the nsfw- prefix because for mobile it will take up too much room on the screen. Also, if you are a mobile user, you Currently can't add the NSFW settings to a server. This needs to be fixed.
    Another, maybe a better way of doing this is to have it so that you would set your age on your profile and then have it so it gives you access to those channels automatically (and prehaps remove the prefix). Although this is a feature which I believe is not a bad idea, it could have been implemented better.

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    ArenaSnow (Edited )

    As noted in an above comment - this is really something of an inconvenience when the entire channel is distributed in a small, fairly closed audience and happens to be 100% NSFW. Somewhat decent concept, but the execution could be far improved, starting with better mechanics for people to toggle the filter off if they want to indicate "yes, I'm in the market for this stuff" and "oi! whole channel is smut!~








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    Crymson DeAllura

    I agree with the above 2 comments. But I would also like to add that some channel owners are responsible and plan out their channels, for example myself where my channel is split between those who would like to participate in NSFW discussion and those who don't, we have a special channel tag that allows those who want to participate to allow to see the NSFW channels and to get this tag you need to speak to one of the channel administrators and confirm you are of age and willing to view this content.

    The issue I have here is that people know they will be viewing NSFW content and the topic headers for these channels clearly indicate whether or not the content is SFW/NSFW. While I'm grateful that this content update has taken place its highly annoying that I have to append my sub-channels hidden from the general public.

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    How to revert status after pressing continue? I accidentally pressed continue.. I don't want to see NSFW content

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    Seconded about more details. I'm on a few NSFW servers that have wonderful communities, and it's nice to know they won't be nuked at any time now, but clarification about what's not acceptable would be nice.

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    I find it ironic how you guys point to your terms of service for "clarification" yet it does anything but clarify what is or isn't acceptable xD

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    I'd also like to know how to reverse enabling nsfw in a chat. I also accidentally clicked on continue

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    How do I turn off NSFW? I accidentally clicked it and... I don't think I need to say anymore.

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    Yarott (Edited )

    I think this feature needs more options. Because once someone accepts whatever condition it was written, it will just not ask again in the future. Which annoys some users on my servers. I am hoping that we can add things like a custom message for the warning screen, a custom image that could hint on the content, and maybe another option that can reset the warning screen so that it can ask once a day or once every few hours after being AFK, logged out, or something else.

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    So one server I am a part of has deleted all of the NSFW and Mature channels because posting pornographic content is now banned on Discord as a whole. Is this true? The channels in question were labeled properly with the NSFW tag and I just want some clarification.

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    Crymson DeAllura

    I think the Discord team needs to update their TOS because things are getting confusing now. You add a NSFW tag but there is still talk about not being able to post NSFW things. Can the ToS please be updated or someone from the team clarify just what is going on.

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    DiscomfortTaehyung (Edited )

    Please Update the TOS


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