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    Mr. Orangejuice

    When will this be added i am trying to get it :P

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    @Ltc. OrangeJuice Soon(tm)! Hang in there for now fam! :D

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    when is it going to come out in north america

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    Mr. Orangejuice

    From what I read it's still in beta form and it will not be released quite yet so hopefully it gets released soon here that'd be great :D

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    Killer Miller

    hmm, on its own it doesn't really seem to be worth the money, especially for people who don't do it in support of the devs. With a few more (good and worthwhile) perks it could be something I'd buy even if you just said "We['re greedy and want money. none of this is going to the devs"

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    Jurassic Lion™

    Quite excited for this.
    Just a bummer I'll have to wait, cheeky Aussies share some of that Nitro with your fellow 'Down under' brethren!

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    To be honest, it isn't worth the money.

    1. Why would you need a membership to change to a GIF icon? That is downright stupid and pointless.

    2. Why not just import the images of emotes to other chats?

    3. Why use a membership to increase max file size when we have Dropbox and Mediafire? Also very pointless.

    Bonus: Oh, sure, like a badge would make me a cool kid. Toootally necessary.


    So, not worth the money. Just don't get it.

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    @multi it's not about being worth it but about wanting to support Discord. If you don't want it just don't buy it.

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    Discord's way of saying thank you to us is adding a subscription! Wow! I want to thank you by telling you to pay 5 bucks a month to Have a gif as my picture! Thanks Discord                   


    -The guy that LOVES your thank you

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    Warlock The Great

    I love when people complain about things they dont need to pay for. Discord clearly stated in multiple places you dont need to get this, they said this is a way to support them not something so you befit from....

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    "man, these perks are completely not worth it. not gonna support discord!!!111one" - indecent people

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    Will your profile picture stay as a GIF even after your Nitro subscription expires? Or will it just revert to a simple JPG?

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    .Discord has been a treat to use and a welcome replacement for skype. I'm happy to support it's further development! Can you do me a favor, though? Add more payment options other than card. Let me use Paypal or something

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    Add Paypal Support and I'll gladly get it! I have no CC, but I can take one at my grocery store (prepaid ones)

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    Yep need to add Paypal Subscribe support and I would gladly do it but not till then.

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    Need a debit Card or gift option, then i can join the party


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    Will there be additional payment options besides credit card? Such as paypal? :<

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    Tempus Thales

    Is this feature per server or per user account?  If It's per server, then it's great... If it's per user then its junk and way too expensive for what it is.... imho.

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    Just wondering if the Gif'd avatar is supposed to be an "auto" play-like feature or if it's intended to hover then actually see what it does?

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    ᴛɪᴍ ᴋᴀʀᴛᴏᴢ

    What kinda great idea! As you guys promised long time ago - everything´s for free but such cosmetic things. I´d love to support you - unlikely ther´s no other payment method than a CC - Paypal would be great!

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    Hey, can we get a way to disable the animated icons? They're kind of annoying!

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    Will there be options to pay with paypal or a debit card at one point in the near future?

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    Drew Colpurs

    So, my GIF is apparently breaking because it's larger than 2 MB, but the Discord app doesn't say that, it instead force-compresses the GIF and looks mildly creepy as a result. I only found out that the size is potentially the cause by trying to change my profile picture via the website. You guys should probably put something in place to let people on the app know when they're uploading something too big for it to properly process.

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    Drew Colpurs (Edited )

    It actually seems to continue to be a problem, no matter how small I make the GIF, it bugs out and doesn't work properly, even though the preview before uploading shows it looking just fine.


    The GIF I'm trying to use:

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    I can't use the sse custom emotes everywhere! :(

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    I would love to have this and support you guys, but somehow my card gets declined all the time. I have money on it and I have typed in everything correctly, yet it gets declined. Why?

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    When PayPal payment? :v

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    VagueMan (Edited )

    Add PayPal Support! and I'll gladly sub to nitro!

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    Sir No (Edited )

    I just urge you too to allow paypal, but please not same way like
    Battle.Net (just CC verified paypal)
    If there will be normally paypal ill sure hook up on NITRO.

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    I am not going to pay for a credit card just to get nitro.

    Why don't you add Paypal so people outside the US are able to pay as well?

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