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    add search back u wont

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    Super from NotDiscord™

    So are we just not gonna question the fact that Cil's in a server where they exclusively spam the word Meme?

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    I HAVE been BEGGING for this for a while! I am so happy this is here! :) <3

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    from all of my server, why only 1 server that has the search feature?

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    Pretty sure that means, your 1 server is special. #Kai

    Just like my one server is special. #WeBeBlessed

    We had people checking every other server. #Spoopy

    No one else has it in theirs. #ButINeedThisFeatureInMyLife

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    @JaggerID we're rolling search out slowly- will only be in select servers for a while. Enjoy it while you have it, and give us feedback! <3

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    I have been enjoying it. I have needed Ctrl+F for a while. You have no idea how excited I have been seeing this in my server today.

    If you want me to be nit picky about it, take the next two scenarios:

    1)   My search term is "Hi". 
    1.a) My search results return "Hi" and "His". 
    1.b) Since "Hi" returned a "His" result, I tried method 2. 

    2)    My search term is "fet". (a non complete word, of an existing word containing those letters.)
    2.a) My search results yields no records.
    2.b) If I complete the word in it's entirety to "fetch", my search then completes and returns the post. 

    You can just forget you put this feature in my server and don't take it away. ;) 

    Thanks Again, Much Love. <3

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    I can't see the Google search bar on my server, what should I do so I can see it? 

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    I can't wait to get this feature for my own server!  This is amazing! 

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    Why do I see it only on my server? hmmm

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    I can only see this on one server I'm in and 3 of them I'm the owner of 

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    It all makes sense now.

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    Search doesn't seem to parse the entirety of certain servers. So far I'm on a server where only the general channel can be searched and it doesn't go past a certain date. It no longer claims to be indexing the severs it just says no results found even though I can scroll past the date and see messages before that period. 

    Another thing is if a user has left the server there isn't an easy way to search for posts by the user who is no longer a member despite being able to fetch that user's discriminator and username.
    Bots seem to have trouble being indexed as well as I've noticed their messages are not archived as well in the way it currently is. 

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    If I missed this I'm sorry:

    Will the search function only be available for servers or for individuals at some point? =3

    Also I was going to ask: Why can I only see it on some of my servers, but I saw the author had answered it already. Thanks for that :D

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    This is amazing! I imagine the filter system will be immensely useful. Are there any plans to add reactions as a potential filter?

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    What if some people don't want a search function active in their server? Any possibility to make a turn off button in the near future? >:-(

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    It's only for some servers now but when will it be available for all serv?

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    How do I get it on my server?

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    Art of WASD

    This feature is WONDERFUL. Sadly its not available in Direct Message T_T what i really wanted to use it for

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    @Kaimeera Thanks for that feedback! :) Much love to you as well! <3

    @⚜DuckFace there's currently no Google Search bar! Just a search for messages within your servers/DMs!

    @(Ampersand) Thanks for bringing that to our attention!

    @MurderManTX @Art of WASD Hang in there for now! :)

    @Vorak™ @Tarantulka Definitely add those suggestions to and you may see the feature in the future!

    @ARC It'll be available in both servers AND DMs! :)

    @testing_xinitrc @Prod @Baroudeur @Simonculus Currently search is only available for a handful of servers for testing before we are officially releasing it to the wild! But we definitely plan on releasing it for everyone soon! Hang in there for now!

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    simplixity ♡

    When will the search feature be opened for all servers?


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    aren't there some filters missing?
    like mentions and during.

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    Swan Song

    Looks glorious. With every server now being indexed, is it possible to export a local copy for archival?

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    will there be a way for server owners to blacklist channels from being searchable?

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    @𝒶𝒷𝓈𝑜𝓁𝓊𝓉𝒾𝑜𝓃 ღ No ETA but we'll definitely let you know!

    @thegreatersea @Swan Song Not currently, but you can definitely vote up the suggestions at 

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    How long roughly until this comes to all servers?

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    whenever I search for "anime" in my group chat it contains entries for "animal". Just wanted to let you know


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    If you guys get Discord Canary (a work in progress Discord client), you'll be able to use the search function in ALL servers, including your DM's.

    This will allow you to download the Canary version of Discord, or if you want to try the browser version, go to this link...

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    Wouldn't it make more sense to release the search feature to PTB Discord rather than sending it out to random users? I feel like this would give users who want to use it now a more fair alternative.

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    Well, it is still under development or this feature is released already? and if it is released how to add it to my server?

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