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    Ok,hello discord, i would like to say that me and one of my friends are both bullied by at least 3 members of discord, and we would like to report them to you, so you can take care of this matter. I will give you the 3 bully members names or account 1st:"Star Commander" Aws#0741 2nd:Frederick Aurick#9170 3rd:Edgy Nerdlord#2704, snd so yes, these are the 3 bully members that have been bullying me and my friend, My account is My account:XXXTENTACION#4307, Friends account:Nomerz#9104, and yes, I would like you to take care of this matter, and I have told one trustworthy friend of mine about this and he has helped me, for proof about this bullying matter, this is his account Contact this person for proof about the bullying matter:The Angel Of Death#6728

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    Someone with the account #3911 was posting cp in my chat they made another account and posted more.
    Please can you stop them This is my discord

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    Ash is a ditto

    Can you help me ppl are spamming my discord server and wont stop

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    Hello Cilantrelle!I was wondering if it is like,legal to raid discord servers(not official ones made by discord staff,just the ones made by normal users)

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    Hello, i'm a group chat which has someone on two accounts spamming our chat and sending us death threats through pm, could you please get this person banned? He keeps on joining the chat whenever we try to kick him, and no one that's online can ban him. 

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    Wapour Vave

    I came here to learn how to report abuse, I did learn that.. I just also saw the funniest comment section on the planet! Keep it up Discord community 👌

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    There is a guy with his friends, using a disord to harass and bully others. Obviously getting away with abusing discord powers and guidelines. When I contacted support, I was pretty much told to turn just leave and turn a blind eye to them. However, even if I am not in the discord, these people will continue to do this to others with no punishment. This is very worrying. It could end up hurting others in a bad way.

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    Everyone that is reading this,


    This is for illegal actions taking place in a discord server. Not some trolls. If you have a troll problem ban them yourself or just fucking block em. Dont fucking bug discord over it.

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    I saw in other server discord and the person is raiding and some guy was posting NSFW but this is not channel permission on NSFW Thanks for reading and please make sure terminated them But I have a question Why reports user it's not added yet? Please add that I'm too lazy to post reply request ban people anyway.

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    Someone is threatening suicide and murder, with a picture showing his gun. What should i do?

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    Crispy Lips (Edited )

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    This guy is being extremely mean to me and I haven't dont anything and he keeps repeating the word c*nt and calling me it I'm only a kid and they know that but I cant report them. I also recommend a option when people right click on peoples names they have a added option to "Report" and then you are questioned what the user has done to be reported. Please help me this users Discord is Phoenix<2#8617

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    カイリー ᏦᎲᏦᏌ🍧 (Edited )

    Hi discord, someone has just threatened me that they are going to shut down my IP address and that they are coming to where I live. I would like it if this person (#8356) can be banned off of discord. he has also been asking girls online about what they look like and what's their cup size. I'm actually scared if he will come to my place so can you please get him out of discord for good? thank you for your time and have a nice day/night.

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    Cat (DVS)

    Hello, I am being harrassed and bullied by others. I have told them to leave me alone, blocking them does not work as tyhey just create new accounts and continue to pull; me into group chat and they just will not leave me alone: 

    Discord Names: 


    @MLG DarthVader MLG (PRO)#2404 




    Please do something about this. Thank you. 

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    Polish Lithuanian Mapping (Edited )

    Hello, My friend's discord server was destroyed by some guy I don't know. That guy on discord is Germany#2342. I tried making friends with him, so he doesn't do the same to my server, and so I get information about why has he done it, and how. Here is what I got.

    so could you do something about it? thank you for any help.

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    👑🦊f0Xk1N9🦊👑 (Edited )

    Hi. I have a severe issue and I need help. Serious help. My girlfriend and I own a server dedicated to helping people named hope 39, suicidal, depression, and more. We're very successful and this server is incredibly important to use as we save lives with it. We have about 300 members, many of which are very unstable people. We were hit by raiders today. They acted like they needed help then started encouraging some of our members to hurt themselves, even trying to get some to kill themselves. I got into their server with my alternate account, and proceeded to ban every. single. one. that was there to hurt others. there was about 20 in total. I then began going through their server and in just the little i've gone through, they're involved in numerous raids of the same caliber as the one they tried on us,trying to tear apart other servers, there's many connections to them buying black market drugs, their roles are set up as various disorders in a mocking manner, such as D.I.D, sociopathism, depression, schizophrenia, and a host of other disgusting things involved. This is unacceptable and the fact that they're attempting to harm others to the point of encouraging suicide, is not only unacceptable, not only against discord rules, but it's also illegal. Not even counting the amount of drug content i see in there. The problem i have though is i have no invite link capability. I need help and i will not let this continue.
    Their server name is Personality Disorders 18+. Server ID: 300013556764639236
    The users that i personally banned from hope last night were as follows, Username/ID

    Touken#2382 / 274177994153656321
    Rick#1499 / 275065426940264448
    toad#4391 / 94296288375249248
    Krios#5056 / 269223182295236608
    toukencat#5083 / 304344835983409152
    Helllord547#2183 / 123679527938424832
    drinks#0124 / 99204101195177984
    tim.#7926 / 128598386315100160
    Zshim#4655 / 242516934095142913
    ThatWayHome#3431 / 274279351716020225
    Vestricles#2970 / 166269994231922688
    lucyfer#5636 / 299781759552192514
    Guy#9963 / 128622548664451072
    Laughing Man#1100 / 299062643535249409
    Fitz#8911 / 324076117235335169
    mawnicker#6687 / 274234198041165825

    Their channel list ^

    Their voice channel list ^

    The list of drug evidence is too long to post, but i'm sure if you go to deal with this you'll find it. I expect to see something done soon, and if not i'm contacting the authorities on this, because it's highly illegal. Just for clarification so you don't hit *me* My alternate account is Illegitimately Legitimate, but i'll be leaving their server. - an invite to hope, though I am quite paranoid right now and am ready to ban people.


    A tame bit of evidence for the drugs. There is much more, and earlier in their general chat they were having conversation on places on the deep web that they got drugs. This goes much deeper i suppose.

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    nightcore™ (Edited )

    the tag #4389
    told me and my friend to go to a mental hospital and the person even threatened us (reporting and deporting)
    we were posting Hentai (the server aloud it in a nsfw have to have a role for it)
    the person is saying underage lolis and girls arent aloud...(but their teenagers and not underage and its ANIME not real life girls)

    if what we did was wrong..then im sorry i didnt know...
    but everyone else posts that stuff and the person gets mad at me and my friend (JUST US) 
    im also assuming the person is jealous of me...since i get a lot of comments from ~boys~ in the server (the person is also telling me their cup size is DDs and rubs it in my face...) ;\ i didnt want to know that

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    BabyWolfy02 (Edited )

    Alright hello, Discord so if you are seeing this please take down this server There is a guy name lost Riku#1007 and has a server with young girls in it. He is 22 and is asking young girls to come on that server and make them sex slaves. So my friends and I are trying to get him to leave so can you help us on removing him, please.It's disgusting and this needs to stop, please. He just made another server named and he is still trying to get young girls to talk to him and have sex and all that and he was trying to have sex with one of my friends GF's. Please needs to leave

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    Roxas Akira (Edited )

    Hi discord, so a server I am in there a guy name 𝕮𝖔𝖒𝖒𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖊𝖗 𝕴𝖔𝖓#5142 and he said this to me in the server (second image) but then he direct messaged me and asked me this (first image). Could you do something about it please. I would appreciate it a lot.




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    Hello, I and other people have been involved with another user threating suicide attempts, his username goes by SuperSin#3209 . I'm concered with him, and if you can, could you possibly contact a family/relative from his profile to let them know about this? I care about him, and concerned for him.

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    Hello, I and other people have been involved with another user threating suicide attempts, his username goes by SuperSin#3209 . I'm concered with him, and if you can, could you possibly contact a family/relative from his profile to let them know about this? I care about him, and concerned for him.

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    Hello I have a really big problem in one discord group there is someone who wants 15 dollars to get their passwords and dox them i beg you to help me my discord name is FranZoric✔#7926 please help me

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    Momma Aussie (∩>ω)⊃━☆ 。・*・゚★

    This user by the name of "needsaltforfries#8478" appeared in my friends list while Discord was down, I removed him and blocked him but he hasn't appeared in my blocked list. He might be the reason Discord was shut down for a random reason.

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    User with the tag #6092 has spent the past five minutes @ mentioning me just to make attempts to emotionally harm me over the person that I am.  This person has chosen to repeatedly make offensive jokes after multiple requests to stop, and is not likely to stop soon.

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    ÐΛℝҜƱ (Edited )

    Kimiko#6629 is threatening Atomos#9860 for creating "false advertisements" but we're actually true. Dm Atomos#9860 for screenshots and proof. Apparently false advertisements are not allowed. This true?? Two users appeared on his server and started to spam the swastika created with emojies. They're banned now.

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    Momma Aussie (∩>ω)⊃━☆ 。・*・゚★

    JG#9179 has been cyberbullying my friends and has recently started to raid Discord servers, he went as far as to send a dick pic to a user that's under aged compared to him. Can you please deal with this situation?

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    a friend Angie#4347 threatened suicide and showed pictures of slit wrist, and hasnt responded in a while.

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