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    Ok,hello discord, i would like to say that me and one of my friends are both bullied by at least 3 members of discord, and we would like to report them to you, so you can take care of this matter. I will give you the 3 bully members names or account 1st:"Star Commander" Aws#0741 2nd:Frederick Aurick#9170 3rd:Edgy Nerdlord#2704, snd so yes, these are the 3 bully members that have been bullying me and my friend, My account is My account:XXXTENTACION#4307, Friends account:Nomerz#9104, and yes, I would like you to take care of this matter, and I have told one trustworthy friend of mine about this and he has helped me, for proof about this bullying matter, this is his account Contact this person for proof about the bullying matter:The Angel Of Death#6728

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    Someone with the account #3911 was posting cp in my chat they made another account and posted more.
    Please can you stop them This is my discord

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    Ash is a ditto

    Can you help me ppl are spamming my discord server and wont stop

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    Hello Cilantrelle!I was wondering if it is like,legal to raid discord servers(not official ones made by discord staff,just the ones made by normal users)

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