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[Windows] Corrupt Installation




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    The Discord folder in my %localappdata% wouldn't delete even after I closed all instances in the Task Manager, but I was able to after restarting my computer (in case anyone else runs into the problem!).

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    Hazard (Edited )

    i also closed all instances and was unable to delete, but i was able to after exiting firefox.

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    Peachy was right. All you have to do to delete those files is restart your computer. It works, i had the same problem so i say their comment and tried it.

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    Kzzak (Edited )


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    Its telling me my install is corrupt, but it works fine. Do I REALLY need to do this? Will this not slightly inconvenience my life by forcing me to find all my servers again?

    Best regards, -A very lazy person.

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    i didnt uninstall anything all i did was i restarted discord and then it was ok


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    I keep getting this, but im not having a single issue with discord, i'd alteast like a way to get rid of the notification. 

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    Norpseldro 👽

    this is the 3rd time I've had to reinstall this program and every time its this ordeal. This is very frustrating and I have followed all these steps, by now repeating these steps about 5 x. Just tired of this and disappointed. 


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    My discord work fine, let get off that annoy notification.

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    my discord is not corrupt, how the heck do i get this red bar off my screen

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    ActingFlightThePony (Edited )

    In a odder since when i did all this it was practically a uninstall of Discord.


    So to better summarize in common sense,

    1. Uninstall Discord.

    2. Do the Start key+P and do those steps to ensure everything got removed.If not,delete the folders above.(

      1. %AppData%/Discord
      2. %LocalAppData%/Discord)

    3. Restart computer

    4. Reinstall discord


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    Just a heads up if you run into the same problem that i ran into with terminating the background tasks and they just wont stop don't worry there's a solution...(Windows)

    First open command prompt by hitting windows button + R and typing in cmd then hit enter.

    Second - type tasklist which will pull up all the running tasks.

    Third - find discord.exe in the running tasks if its there than we can continue.

    Fourth- type taskkill /im discord.exe which should close the tasks if not precede to task fifth.

    Fifth - force close program by typing in taskkill /f /im discord.exe which will forcibly close the program.

    Sixth - follow the rest of the steps that discord says and hopefully this fixes your problem.


    Hopefully I've fixed a couple of confused minds, i wish you luck with the fix of your discord. -Blackhawkjag :)

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    Kremit the Erwin Rommel

    this is legit the same thing as the installer one and yet again didn't work and i'm about to hang my self at this point

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    I just got my computer and theres nothing on it, i cant for some reason install discord

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    it wont let me close discord it constantly opens up when I try and this means I cant uninstall it. I have tried the steps shown multiple times etc and the same thing happens. discord has become a virus on my computer constantly opening up at random times etc.

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