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How is the Discord Client different from the web browser version?




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    I'm noticing Discord eats a huge CPU%, is this standard?

    Will there be a 64 bit version as well?

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    I notice quite a lot of CPU (0,2-0,8%) and 220MB RAM usage, too. CPU: i7 4770k

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    How do I switch my account to another one in the app? I screwed up and entered the wrong number in the email.

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    The Discord desktop app shouldn't be eating a huge CPU %. Could be a bug. Email [email protected] if you are still experiencing this problem and they can help work through the problem (we have also released a bunch of performance updates over the past several weeks as well). There are no immediate plans for a 64-bit version of the app.

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    When will you release the Linux version? This post says that it's available, but the download page says "Coming soon." It's been coming soon for quite some time now.

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    The setup doesn't seem to run at all for me on my Vista machine. It downloads fine and gives the standard popup when opening it. When I select RUN, it just disappears and doesn't seem to do anything.

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    Nefertiti Koopa

    I am having the same issue as Malmagus, I cannot install the client app on my Win7 machine

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    Puurphy Le Derpy

    Nefertiti, I just installed the client via a link after opening up a free server in my browser. I'm running Windows 7, 64bit - what's the issue that keeps coming up?

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    The Real Jason

    @Malmagus and @Nefertiti the Discord Client does not work on Windows Vista unfortunately. We support Windows 7 and newer. For Windows Vista the browser version will have to do. If you're on 7 or newer and experiencing an issue with the Setup, please go to your control panel and uninstall Discord. Then try running the setup again.

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    I only have one question, how do I change the settings for a voice chat so that whenever I join I'm not auto muted?

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    Puurphy Le Derpy

    Whenever you join from a web-browser at the moment, you will always be muted by Discord - I assume this is due to PTT not being currently available to the web-browser version. If you are using the desktop or mobile clients, it shouldn't mute you when you join, not beyond the first time you join the server that is.

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    when will it be available for linux, coming soon is very vague

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    I get overheating issues when I run Discord on my Mac, MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Early 2015), It's too bad because its not buggy otherwise and it looks really good and all, except I've noticed that after running Discord for a couple of minutes and my laptop start overheating, typing kinda lags just a tiny bit... I'll send a message to ur support email with details in case there is some bug with the os x client.

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    "available for OSX, PC, and Linux."
    2/3 is not bad, but discord is the last windows only program that's keeping me from switching. A rough ETA would be very appreciated.

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    Is there a beta of the Linux client available anywhere?

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    Would also love to see the Linux client being released.

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    We've had a few issues with our members using the browser vs the client app (PC). Due to random disconnects and several PTT issues when running a game at the same time we've pretty much just instructed our folks to focus on using the app and not the browser. Just a general FYI to others out there.

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    i can't use the client app on pc it keeps saying the installation failed and its everytime i try to install it after i download it. i can show the logs if you like

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    is it normal to have 3 instances of discord on your task manager?
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    Echoing the call for a linux client. Short of that, could you link me system requirements for windows so I can try wine? What libraries? Adobe air?

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    I'm having huge lag between typing and posting my messages, do you think getting the desktop version would help, I'm talking about putting in a message hitting "send" and waiting an hour for me to actually be able to see it

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    Another Linux user here, waiting in queue... my team and I cannot definitively quit using other softwares (S***e, I'm censoring, you know) until Linux version of Discord is released. We like it very much, but it needs to run on our systems! A generic ETA would be really appreciated .

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    My guild has just decided to use discord. I downloaded the app and entered the number just like they said but it says the instant invite is disabled or expired. They posted a link on the page and it opened a browser version that seems to work, BUT it wants me to claim my account AND since I already made my account on the app version it won't let me use the same e-mail. Am I missing a button of login to your current account or something?

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    I only need support for WinXP or linux (Xubuntu 14.04) before I'll use the app
    I'm never touching 7 again because it's many times easier to get infected to the point of being controlled.
    (that includes within 5 seconds of connecting to the internet)
    that aside, you don't control your OS anymore, MS does and can do whatever they want to it, let alone freely hand over your personal information to the gov't.
    (think of how hackers could use this)

    so I'm keeping my freedoms with WinXP, the devs will have to support it for me to use their client.
    or at least get the linux client released.

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    Izumi sama

    I try to install the desktop app... but the .Net application keeps on appearing...

    I even tried to install it too but keeps on failing so what should I do?

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    I like Discord, but I have Linux (Ubuntu). I have waited in ages on the linux-app. I downloaded the Discord Canary, but that is broken(like only a grey screen...). Please finish the Linux app!

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    I would like to assume that the Desktop Edition of Discord allows for some form of automation of the client, such as using LUA to mute/un-mute the users microphone, but I have seen no mention of this, any similar features, or anyone pursuing a similar feature....

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    You could have made global Push-to-Talk key available in at least one of the browsers with Chrome Extension, I believe. Google Play Music and some others does that.

    And I'm really curious why you didn't. Just to make desktop app more appealing to users, for whom "native voice comm module" is not enough as a reason?

    Would love to get a reply

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    Will the discord app also be available for 32-bit linux?

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