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How do I enable my mic in Firefox?




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    This didn't resolve anything. It feels like Discord is trying to force me to download the app.
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    This absolutely DID NOT WORK on 64-bit archlinux.
    Mozilla/5.0 (X11; Linux x86_64; rv:44.0) Gecko/20100101 Firefox/44.0

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    didn't work im going to try to download

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    i cant open up the about:permissions page

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    Firefox 48 is pretty sure that about:permissions doesn't exist.

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    @Nanobang yup, this article does need updating. I'm on it!

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    tahr (Edited )

    One way: click on "Show site information" (icon left URL textbox), then on "More Information", select Permissions Icon, scroll down to find "Use microphone", and enable it :)



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    @tahr Yup yup! Thanks for sharing! :)

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    @tahr That doesn't seem to help Discord at all. It still says I need to enable my microphone.

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    Voice doesn't work in browser app @ Firefox. I can see green icons, even when I talk is green. Nobody can hear me and I can't hear anyone.

    Desktop version works...

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    @Dvametragluposti If you haven't already, I'd shoot an email over to and we can help isolate what's happening for you!

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    TheOgMaks (Edited )

    I have the same problem whith @Dvametragluposti pls help me ellolizard i need help pls i whant to talk whith me friend but i cant even talk or hear

     Pls add me on discord so we can dm this problem out thank you for your time


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    Voice doesn't work in browser app @ Firefox. I can see green icons, even when I talk is green. Nobody can hear me and I can't hear anyone. Desktop version works...

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    @TheOgMaks @mynameisgood Message us directly at with all the details of the situation and screenshot of what you're seeing in your Discord and Firefox settings and we can help you with the issue you're having!

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    SergeantAsscrack (Edited )

    About:permissions is not working

    about:permissions on firefox was removed after firefox version 45. So this guide is clearly out of date. Firefox tells us to rightclick and then click on the page and then click on Page Info. This does not work on the discord page and the standard firefox hotkey for Page Info (Ctrl+I) is disabled since discord is using it for opening notification list.

    I found a different way of accessing the permissions list, click alt and the old firefox menu should popup above the url.

    Click tools-> Page Info and there you can give permissions for discordapp.

    Unfortunately my problem still exists on archlinux x86 although I have given it permission to my mic.  It seems to me that it's some kind of a firefox issue rather than having anything to do with my system because I installed chromium and it's working just fine.

    Summary of my problem:

    • Discord is not picking up my mic despite given the permission to do so.
    • Using push to talk does not change anything.
    • Voice get disconnected after several minutes (this probelm does not occur on chromium).
    • Firefox has been reinstalled and configs have been removed several times in an attempt to solve this.
    • Upon login a dialog does not show up asking for permission, permissions has to be set manually.
    • Running firefox as root does not change anything.
    • ALSA is installed, sounds and microphone has been tested by using the following commands
      arecord -d 5 mictest.wav
      aplay mictest.wav


    I hate to say it but, install chromium. I want a solution to this since firefox has always been my main browser,  I am just not sure who is responsible here, discord or the firefox team?

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    It's easier to download to client than switching to other browser if you just wanna run Discord in browser.


    Still don't know why Firefox won't cooperate...

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    Oh please don't tell me to download the client, I am dualbooting windows with linux and I had a lot of issues with the client on windows, running it in the firefox browser (on windows) worked flawlessly compared to the client. 

    I don't even want to try the client on a less supported OS. But hey, I don't think I have many options other than download it from AUR. Hopefully it will work.


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