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How do I create a server?




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    Takumi Facepalm

    Greetings and salutations. I discovered this new tool and have been testing it with several different configurations.

    One thing I noticed is that the servers that are created by an individual are not unique across the system. The instant invites appear to be unique to the servers that they are created on, however, any number of individuals can have the exact same name for a server.

    Normally, this should pose no issue due to the invite code system, however, if multiple people in a "guild" create a server with the same name, there is a possiblity of segregation.

    Reading the informational documents and various interviews, it appears that the server creations are virtually hosted on "cloud" servers (heh, always loved the term) and dynamically created and started whenever an owner logs into the system.

    Also, the username system does not ensure uniqueness and individuality.

    What are your future plans to prevent duplication and provide uniqueness across the system?

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    Omg, guys, how delete server?

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    How to setup off site dedicated server with control panel for easier management?

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    It sounds like only DiscordApp servers can run the server software. With all the mentions of servers, I was hoping to run Discord on my own server.

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    Hi, I'm having a really weird issue. I can create channels. My chat mates can see the channels. I can see the channel on mobile. However, whilst on my computer I can't see or access the channels that I've created other than the standard "general" channel.
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    the ultimate

    I need to create an private server idiot

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    I want to actually get on my server and start the build but I don't know how

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    i dont want i speak server or text server i want a fucking minecraft server

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    Everyone know that teach me something i don't no!

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