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How do I set up a Role-Exclusive channel?




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    NeoChrisOmega (Edited )

    Apparently I had the Administrator permission on which bypassed every other permission restriction

    And Apparently anyone that is the server owner can not have permission restrictions at all

    Is there a way to make a server I own have a channel I can not see?

    I am working on a DnD server, and have myself as a DM role, and the others as Campaigner roles.
    I want a channel where they can talk without me seeing the messages, but when I set the read messages to off for the DM role, I can still read everything

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    This needs to be updated, because the info here doesn't match the product. The box for @everyone when creating a new channel or modifying an existing one cannot be unticked, which means others can see the channels only cannot read their contents / access them while they should be completely invisible.

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    I did all of the above, and only checked the leaders role when making the channel, disabled every permission @everyone has, yet @everyone is still able to access it without any problem and read messages. I don't get it.

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    I'm jumping on the bandwagon to say that I've followed the instructions to the T and have had others try it as well. No matter how many times I try to create a channel just for a certain role, members without that role are able to see, enter and communicate in the room. 

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    I have had no problems getting a role specific channel but when I go to make a role that is ABOVE (just cause you used it) "Leaders" and set the permissions for the role (I'll call it "Stupid Leader") and say "Stupid Leader"- 'read messages' NO the person with the "Stupid Leader" role can still see the channel.

    The actual roles on the server are given when the person has been on the server long enough and a role to opt out of seeing all of the channels about food on the server. The time based role exists UNDER the opting out role. 

    TL;DR --- People with 'opt out' can see channels they shouldn't see because the (LOWER RANKED) 'I spent time here' role they also have is allowed to see those channels

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    x Miss Diamond

    After the update, its not possible to change settings where Bots are not allowed to read/message in some text channels.

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