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    will emoji reacts on mobile phone be a thing anytime soon? (keep up the good work I love this app!)

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    Rubellite💖Fae (Edited )

    I would like to set a specific set of emoji to specific roles as rewards. Is there a way to do this?

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    Well... The custom emoji don't work.

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    Aio Ayami

    I have an iPad for discord, and only an iPad, I don't own a computer as of yet, and the emoji tab in server settings, or then reaction tab won't come up for me on my device, is there an explanation to help me here, I wish to make my server cooler but it won't allow me, at all.

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    Can we have a Québec flag emoji?

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    Is there any way to add the Custom Server emotes to the Server Voice Channel names??

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    Since late May, I can no longer upload emoji in Discord web in Firefox desktop. Clicking the upload button does nothing. And yes, I have emoji rights on the server because I can rename them. I just can't upload them anymore.

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    ObjectLover7777 (Edited )

    But How Do You "Delete" A reaction?
    From KittyGirl888🐱‍👤
    Tuesday June, 20th 2017 at 9:27 PM

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    I right Click but the Menu Dues Not Show.


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    VampirateMace (Edited )

    When I click the 'upload emoji' button, nothing happens. This is the case in Firefox and iE. I've yet to try Chrome, but I suspect this feature need maintenance.


    Edit: This feature only appears to work in Chrome right now. That's kind of a bummer.

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