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[iOS] How do I create a Instant Invite link on my iOS device?




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    acrisis [ NA iii ] 🇧🇪

    This does not seem to work in iOS for the channel that I am in.
    I can only do this for an empty channel.

    Also, there ought to be a permanently visible link or icon for this on the server page itself. This hidden press and hold hidden stuff is a bit of an easter egg hunt.

    Especially as an admin, I would like an open invites page on the server, and invite links I can copy paste from there into email or the forum messenger. As a group of random older players, we're not tweeting each other about the game we play. We meet on the official forum and pass on invite links there.

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    add me

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    This does not work for me at all. Please help

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    I can't create an instant invites for my sever.

    I'm using iPhone and went to
    Server name> server setting > instant invites>
    then it keeps returning the message saying "no instant invites yet"
    The above procedure worked once. But after the link expired, it keeps returning the same message and doesn't create invite link...
    Also, the way in this article,
    push and hold the channel> edit channel> instant invites
    end up with the same result.

    How can I create instant invites link?

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    I need help too


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    It appears as though this topic requires an update. With the current iOS Discord app (1.8.8) there is an 'Invite Members' button below the server name that allows access to invitation link creation interface.

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