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What is No Route?




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    What kind of settings need to be enabled to allow the route?

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    Sheltie Pat

    I got 'No Route' issue on my desktop version all the time since last update (16 sept), but no problem with my Android phone and Web browser version on same network.

    I tried direct connect to modem, disable firewall, added Discord to my Trusted Application List in my firewall, change DNS, changed server location to US/SG/London... etc, all no luck.

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    This "help" article really isn't helpful. Anyone who actually knows how to administer a firewall would need to know the ports that need to be opened to prevent this application from being blocked. "Allow through firewall" isn't a sufficient technical answer, as that is only an option on popular firewall software, not on network hardware. Please provide sufficient information for those who are having trouble getting this working,

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    I do not have a VPN yet I still get this error.

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    "59 out of 559 found this helpful"

    I've been looking for the answer to this for days now and there isn't even one on the developers support page. Can we get this answered like soon. All everyone wants here is a step by step instructional page that tells us how to do it instead of telling us just about what is wrong. I tried all the suggestions on every page of this topic and still haven't had any results. Give us a lead at least and someone can figure this out.

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    Nawexx (Edited )


    1. Open Discord
    2. Click "Settings"
    3. Go to "Voice" tab
    4. Go to "Advanced" tab
    5. Deselect "Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority"
    6. Voilá

    Why using the browser might've helped some:

    • When using the client the "QoS" (Quality of Service) tries to tell your router that the packets it's sending are High Priority which may or may not misbehave on some routers or ISP's.
    • When using the browser this is not an option since it is using the browser as its "Playground" which has less options network wise.
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    Few members in my guild got no route message, your support team keep telling us it is our network settings problem, but none of us are network specialist. Please make this app as simple as other VOIP s/w such as teamspeak and ventrilo, just simply install and use.

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    how to do you fix NO ROUTE, I restarted my pc too, Discord kept saying Voice Connecting then Disconnected, Connecting,.... NO ROUTE. I kept getting this stupid routine thing, HOW THE FUCK I FIX THIS?

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    No VPN. Been working perfectly for the past several days. New user to Discord. Incredible frustrated now that I can't use Discord. Guess it's time to go back to Mumble and ditch this crap.

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    Posting again... Solution:

    Open Discord
    Click "Settings"
    Go to "Voice" tab
    Go to "Advanced" tab
    Deselect "Enable Quality of Service High Packet Priority"

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    I got no do i fix this?

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    Well, just sort this out. several friend of mine have this no route problem, and none of them have this kind of problem with other voice chat (namely Skype). Your support is proving to be subpar to them. We like your software, but if we can talk through it, we will have to use other software to actually talk.

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    Quality Windows Audio Video Experience <<<<close this window service to solve no route

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    iman (Edited )

    I saw this solution on Reddit and i want to share it

    It's very simple,

    switch out your region ( for example, my sever is on US East and I change it to US South then Change it back to US East)

    I don't know how that work (lol) but that reddit post was about like 7 or 9 months ago and seems like no one saw it.

    hopefully this solution works for everyone.


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    @Sassie and @Anabelle, There were some weird server issues, but if you switch to a different server region and back. It should work.

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    Thx SolidKing now my discord working 

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    SolidKing (Edited )

    Turn off IPv6. I don't know why but work for me.

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    Is there a way to fix this?

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    Damn... I can use voice on my android fine, but my PC just gives me the "No Route"error..pls help me fix this!!!

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    Can you please just tell us what ports need to be opened?

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    Dante (Rykin)

    Been Having the same issue as well for a while now, getting tired of reconnecting around 100 times a day. Allowed discord through firewall, can't allow it through router cause we don't know the ports, not using vpn. Running Windows 10. sometimes it works for an hour then dc's sometimes its 3 minutes, been disconnected about 20 times in last hour. Please give us some info on this.

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    Seconding JoelZBub comment. The answer should say what ports, protocols and in which direction should be allowed on the network for this to work. Without this, it's not really helpful.

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    #78 CMDR Rewision (Streamer)

    I have pretty much given up for the time being. I have tried alot of supposed fixes and nothing have worked. To me it seems that this is something Discord should be abel to fix. Why is it that just beacause I updated to windows 10 do I have to change setting on the pc to get discord to work? Also skype works just fine. Most that I know have already migrated to discord from other services though (when working discord is the best if you ask me) so a bit sad that I cant use it for more then text.

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    WIll Benson

    Discord was working perfectly fine, but then It said no route, What makes your service better than skype why should I pick Discord when it's like this

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    Anubis Hades

    Added every instance of Discord I could find to the "allowed through firewall" list and set every one to run as an Admin. Despite this I always get the No Rout issue. I've even tried disabling my Anti-Virus and my Firewall and it still seems to have this issue. I do not use an VPN or any other special security measures. I used to be able to connect to the Voice servers semi-regularly(I still had the occassional No Rout issue, but not as regularly). I am currently running Windows 10 and have a steady wireless connection on a network that has decent bandwidth and goodput, there is nothing that would block the program from working properly and this is the only program I have had issue with.

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    So I don't know if this was an actual way to solve this or just a temp fix and i got lucky, but i opened up discord in chrome browser, logged in as myself like i do for the app, and joined in the chat i wanted to be, then i opened the actual app and tried to join the same chat under the same login info, i got thru first try no problems. like i said i don't know if this was an actual way to fix it or if i just got lucky.

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    This is ridiculous, every play, every team fight, every gank I try to make is met with voice disconnects and its getting extremely annoying. I am the one who got my friends to join discord (we now have a server with around 20 people) and its embarrassing all the disconnection issues I'm having. You say it could be a firewall issue etc. but you won't tell us what ports discord uses or any other relevent data for us to make adjustments for. All the cute "dank memes" loading screens are funny for about the first 5 times, but now it's like a slap in the face because no useful information is presented. I checked the debug screen - "Check Local User" has a red X when I have a disconnect, but when I mouse over it, it says "Voice engine user ID matches local user" which is what it says when things are working and the box has a green check mark.

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    Garion (Hey Eros) (Astro Trauma)

    on my desktop app i get this issue nothing else and on same network. no vpn, ive allowed access its only on my clans server that this issue happens i can disconnect from the clan server and join other servers and talk fine but not in my clans server. which leads me to believe this is an issue on discord's side and not mine. makes 0 sense for it to only affect 1 server and not all of them if it was an issue on my side of things. please get back to me on this as i am genuinely stumped on this 

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    So I got discord working again by driving from the us to Canada. (I use my phone for internet)

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    Worked yesterday. Have someone else on the same network (the same router of our home network that is) connecting just fine which points to a computer problem. Problem is that it worked yesterday and the only difference is a restart of the machine.
    So how do I solve discords voice channel no route error when that is not the case, but is still blocking access to the listening part of the voice chat?

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