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How do I log out?




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    When your users has to google this fundamental functionality, you need to seriously consider replacing your UI-designer. I'm not even kidding. The fact that you have spent time creating this FAQ rather than fixing your UI-issue, shows nothing but unadulterated pride.

  which is more important - usability or your pride?

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    I must admit, that this is not at all intuitive.

    Had to google it.

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    Adding my voice to the fact that this is ridiculous. Whoever implemented this should be banned from doing UI. Whoever decided to make it look like a "back" icon once you find it through a google search.. whatever, this sucks. Change it, it's not hard.

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    Terrible UX.

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    I'd like to think of myself a pretty savvy program user but when I have to google something on how to log out of something and come here and see all these replies, I was pleased to see it's wasn't just me.  I told my guildies I was logging and then spent the next 5 minutes trying to figure out how to leave channel before I went into task manger and killed the process.  >.>

    Please at least make it a movable button or even something we can hot bar!  

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    If this icon is supposed to mean "log out" why does it show an arrow going IN to the box?

    Fontawesome, which is as good as benchmark as any for icon meanings as any, literally uses this pattern to mean "sign in":


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    Brighde (Bree-Dah)

    When a KB article on how to log out is required, that should be an indicator that your tool is not intuitive and needs fixing. 

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    If I and that many had to google just to find out how to log out... There's no doubt you need to change that, as fast as possible.

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    Google brought me here.

    What a terrible design.

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    Had to google for this too

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    This is comically bad UI design.

    Users most frequently look to the top-right section of the interface for a Logout button.

    Another frequently accepted method is: Click user icon, click Logout button.

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    But... but there was a staffer comment from back in January that said something was coming to save us from this. Still waiting... really?

    I <3 you guys, Discord; I really do. Seriously though, you know these people are right. If you, as a user, have to Google search how to logout —or you, as a stakeholder, need to write an article explaining a feature as simple as logging out— there's a UX issue. A big one.

    As a UI/UX consultant for a Fortune 100 corporation, I can tell you with complete faith that simply adding the expanded text without a click (and possibly even the coloration without the hover) would be an extremely simple solution to this problem.

    Yes, hiding the functionality in User Settings is still odd, but that's easy to argue because of space constraints. The rest of it, however, is undeniable; just listen to this thread.

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    I've been subscribed to this thread for over a year. I love it when I get a notification that I have a new email from the thread, because it makes me laugh every time.

    I'll be a little sad when they finally change it, and this article is no longer needed.

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    hardest logout i have ever seen.

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    Brother came home from school. Comes over. Uses my computer. Switches Discord accounts. Leaves. I've never had to log out before... I seriously just lost my mind trying to figure out how until finding this. How in the hell is this an acceptable UX? The app is really great, but, how is this not fixed!?

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    nereids (Edited )

    The design for the logout button is WAY TOO SMALL. I searched for about 2 minutes looking for it and had to google where it can be found...

    please make it more apparent. 


    same thing happened to me.

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    cattelia (Edited )

    This reminds me of Windows 8 and that's not a good thing. No reason that this is not in a more reasonable place.

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    I just wanted to chime in because I had no idea how to log out and, as others have stated, I had to google this in order to figure out how to log out. I also can't believe how long this issue has been outstanding. It's hilarious.

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    Here we are 1 year after a dev said they would do something about the horrible UI and hidden log out button. I ended up here because I had to google it too. Abysmal. 

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    Nikos (Edited )

    What a joke. In my 10 long years as a dev, this is the trump card to beat them all in the hall of UI fame.


    Edit, for being ungrateful, I love discord

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    Colonel Panic


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    Wait, you're saying I have to go to settings just to log off? What?

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    User interfaces: you're doing it wrong.

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    make the button bigger numskulls, jeez listen to your users, we shouldnt have to google "how to log out" of your app -____-

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    time to unfollow this thread

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    It's because they don't want you to sign out.

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    It's pretty sad that after 2 years, they have not fixed something so basic. This is clearly an error of design vs user practicality. It may look artistic to the designer, but it is not user friendly. Marketing 101: Everything you do should be based with the end user in mind. Something as basic as logging out shouldn't be hidden and vague that people have to Google to find out how to log out. You can clearly see all the people who have posted. Customer Service 101: If one person likes or dislikes something and voices it, there are 10 other people right behind them who hold the same opinion and don't feel like saying anything. 

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    I can't believe I just had to Google how to log out. I literally don't think I've ever had to do that, to log out of anything, until now.

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    Seriously the button is not very intuitive: it looks like a go back icon. Go with the advice from all these others and just change it.

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    now I want to know how to mute this thread

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