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How do I log out?




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    Guys, I know the design is silly and the button itself is way too small. But can you tell me one thing, Why is the Log out button is in the settings?! I have never seen a log out button in settings, now that is silly. And after 2 years nothing changed, good job!

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    Ethan Markert

    theres an update and now the log out button isnt there... what... i cant find it please help


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    Kasper (Edited )

    WE DID IT!!!!!

    The changelog says:

    • Fortunately, the logout button is now easy to find in the new settings. Reclaiming your soul is easier than ever!

    Here is how to log out:

    Press "user settings"

    And press "Log out" in the bottom of the menu:

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    Thank you for fixing. Appreciate it.

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    When you lie to your users, your time is limited. Fuck you.

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