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Markdown Text 101 (Chat Formatting: Bold, Italic, Underline)




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    "Don't want to use markdown? You can slap a backslash in front of your statement, and it'll escape the markdown formatting. You'll see those asterisks as you'd like!"

    This seems to no longer work. I've tried various ways of doing things (before it, after it, inside the markdown, after it, after second markdown but before statement, etc.). Is there a way to make this not do it automatically? ;; I just want to ~*~type pretty things like this~*~

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    Allieway (Edited )


    To type that in discord with a regular message you would just type ~\*~type pretty things like this~\*~

    That works perfectly for me(As well as escaping any other character used with markdown).

    If you wanted to be lazy you would only have to escape the first starting portion, so for example these few are all the exact same text:

    \~\*\~type pretty things like this\~\*\~ vs ~\*~type pretty things like this~*~

    \~\~type this\~\~ vs \~~type this~~

    \_\_\*\*type this\*\* \_\_vs \__\**type this**__


    Hope that helps. 


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    @Cilantrelle How do i do it so i can change different coulours in markdown text???


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    That page can say whatever it wants about "Ingenious". 
    Unfortunately, when most people will say it, it will sound more like "in-gene-ee-ous" than "in-gene-yus". Actually, "yus" will sound like "ee-ous".

    Say it out loud. If it's 3 syllables for you, you're the minority, regardless of what that page says.

    "How ingenious" is works just fine for a haiku. 
    Get too caught up in it, and you'll just snare yourself.

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    AG Bucky Barnes

    +9001 for spoiler tags, come on guys, should be really simple for coders to implement ;)

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    71☻ | Eastspookz

    One-line code blocks don't seem to be working properly for me. I can use the triple backtick blocks, but it is just odd that the one-line ones don't work. If they have been removed, maybe the guide should be updated to reflect the change. If not, I really don't care enough to figure out why.

  • If you're guys talking about this, i need help with this.

    Can you guys write All forms from colored words !

    Thank you,


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    how can i use other colors for discord like can i do purple

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    @Cilantrelle i use discord i basicly know all color texts i was wondering if they're are anymore colors we can do?

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    @6ixhat_Undead specific colors aren't selectable, just what colors are available for syntax highlighting.

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    @Cilantrelle, You have to add in guide these characters '<' and '>': 

    And a question. Why I can't use this '[link text](link)' despite the WH can ?: 

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    ^ Oh no! someone playing in my playground! (it's a joke)

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    @Агент the image embed characters aren't really markdown, but I did add them in the image-embed article in the Help center. Webhooks are capable of using extended JSON markdown that isn't normally implemented in text chat because they are code-based.

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    you didn't combine out strikeout :D

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    Is there a list of what languages are supported for the code block?

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    Champion. Thank you!

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    Andrio Celos

    What languages are recognised? Apparently C# doesn't work.

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    @⚔Str8UpJack⚔[¡¡¡]🇺🇸 Use Shift+Enter or \n if in code.

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    How do you actually color text using syntax highlighting without seeing syntax symbols?

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    Grammar error in 2nd-last paragraph.

    Each different language has it's own approach to highlight-able syntax. In Markdown, you can see that here

    should say

    Each different language has its own approach to highlight-able syntax. In Markdown, you can see that here

    Understand the rule:

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    > Please, please add blockquotes

    It is very applicable and useful in chat.

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    ellolizard (Edited )

    @cloudrac3r Thanks for bringing that to our attention! :)

    @bryc Sorry my bad! Read that backward as code blocks! Currently block quotes are unavailable but vote it up at!

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    DarkPikachu (Edited )

    ``` is markdown for block-code, and is only a workaround for quotes... quotes generally reference the name and location of whomever you're quoting.

    EDIT: to add, you can specify the syntax highlighting of code by:


    //csharp code here


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    @DarkPikachu Thanks for catching that for me!

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    lol this is gud



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    using one underscore at the start and end of a comment will also italicize it

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    "Just keep in mind, it doesn't work in messages with edits or underscores." Not exactly sure what this statement meant, but when I made a help channel with a few links and quick tips I was able to display a few examples by escaping every formatting character.

    Unless I read that wrong... Here is the example text I used;

    *italics* = \*italics\*
    **bold** = \*\*bold\*\*
    ***bold italics*** = \*\*\*bold italics\*\*\*
    ~~strikeout~~ = \~\~strikeout\~\~
    __underline__ = \_\_underline\_\_
    __*underline italics*__ = \_\_\*underline italics\*\_\_
    __**underline bold**__ = \_\_\*\*underline bold\*\*\_\_
    __***underline bold italics***__ = \_\_\*\*\*underline bold italics\*\*\*\_\_

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    Can I somehow make tables in Discord?

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    But ... but what's the point of inline and link references if it only displays the whole thing in a different color...

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