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Markdown Text 101 (Chat Formatting: Bold, Italic, Underline)




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    ellolizard (Edited )

    @//Hakej No official method currently, but you could use different characters like ___ and | to create tables!

    @kronophonix So for example if I type *Pikachu* into the text box, it will appear as Pikachu! But if I were to edit *Pikachu* to *Raichu* (so that it became Raichu), and I wanted to cancel the italics with a "\ " by typing \*Raichu*, then it would still appear as \Raichu

    @KNN That looks like an embed (maybe from a bot)!

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    @ellolizard you need to use a backslash \, not forward slash.

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    Tyler, Man of Many Faces

    Unfortunately, there is no support for bold italic strikethrough underline.

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    LaniPie (Edited )

    @Tyler, Man of Many Faces (2/2/2017, 22:09)

    Just Type this: ~~__*** Text Example***__~~


    ~~for strikethrough~~
    __for underline__
    ***for bold-italic***

    combine those and there you go :)

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    ᅠᅠᅠ -

    Can you teach me the purple text please!

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    I would really just love to know how to start a new paragraph. 


    Ive seen the Shift-enter method but I use Discord on a IOS device ( IPad ) and it doesn't seem to work on this. 

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    How to make something like "masked links"(when you click on it you get this)


    and something like this (with the blue things)

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    Colton Windu

    What are the different colors? I know Orange, Teal, Blue, and Brown. But there are others I see that I can't use, what are they?


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    ᅠᅠᅠ -

    @Colton Windu what is brown?


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    can that seal be a new emoji please? :D

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    I think something like html's <marquee> would be great for channel with announcements. Would love to see it.

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    Cy (Edited )

    The documentation doesn't mention about single underscore front and back to become italic though. There are still some hidden/alternate formatting is not listed in here. I wished I could use my favourite text emoji without getting formatted _(=3JL)_
    For example: _Italic_

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    when using it, i was confused when trying to make other text colours other then blue
    plus i was also confused about everything else

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    Apparently the backtick doesn't work for me, though I can place squigglies


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    Why not support BB code?  It is what free forum sites/pages my gamer clans/clubs used 10+ years ago and it worked great and easy to remember what codes are for the formats desired - like [i][\i] for italics rather than * which makes no sense as why a * means italics or ** means bold.  Sure, maybe it is a little less typing but so much more power in terms of formatting and embedding links and the likes.  The lack of the formatting ability in Discord makes me sad.  :(

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    Is there a way to escape the triple backtick inside a triple backtick block?


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    @jsebean @LaniPie Thanks for the assist!

    @CaptainJens That looks like an embed (most likely from a bot or webhook)!

    @Colton Windu @ᅠᅠᅠ- @Blueh One option is to stick the name of a programming language after the first set of backticks in the beginning of the message and it'll tell Discord which language it should do color coded syntax highlighting for and the colors change for various things depending on the language. Here's some other helpful links as well:

    @MadElder @Reed It may be a possibility in the future! Vote it up at!

    @[GD] fearlessDreamer Hrmm that's no good! Could you message us at with all the details?

    @Cy Appreciate you bringing that up to our attention! 

    @stuChris I would love to see that as a new emoji as well! ;)

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    🗡Mega Garchomp🗡

    Coloring the text with Markdown doesn't seem to work... At least on mobile

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    Hi, how can i make this box?:

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    Tithen-Firion (Edited )

    You should add that to escape backtick in inline code you need to start and end it with two backticks:

    ``some code with ` back tick``

    I'd love to see the same with code block. For example:

    some code
    lorem ipsum
    even more code

    Right now it opens code block fine with 3 or more backticks but ends once it finds 3 backticks. It should stop when it finds the same amount of backticks as in opening. Shouldn't be hard to do.

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    Koyol (Edited )
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    For me the color doesnt work

    Plz help.

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    Lion YT

    How do i add like that green line? or any other color?

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    @prince: You have to go through the API, there's no way to do it manually. (Here's a starting point if you go that route.)

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    Someone can tell me how to make a ROW to separate?


    text text text



    text text text


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    Twisted_Code (Edited )

    this is all well and good, but I'm trying to stop it from formatting. Escape character? Yeah it's ignoring the backslash.


    (side note: yes I'm in a bad mood) works as intended, producing


    but if I try to format it, it breaks. instead of


    becoming the same thing as before (but italicized), it becomes


    ....So my question is, why is it ignoring that backslash??

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    Is this a bug, or it just should be?
    Same trouble with Android version 4.4.4, and version 5.1.1

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    they're working on it.
    even the beta has that issue

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    After playing with formatting messages from trying to teach a new member how to format their code it's quite obvious this isn't Markdown.

    It's similar, but it lacks the same features and has far more ambiguity.

    I can understand why chat software would want to deviate from Markdown, but at least call it something like "Markdown Lite" or whatever.

    I mean, you've already copied Slack's UI (not that that's a bad thing - the UI is proven to work and is familiar), but why not the terminology as well?

    Also, is there a list of language keywords the code fence syntax supports lying around somewhere?

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