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Markdown Text 101 (Chat Formatting: Bold, Italic, Underline)




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    I don't know of any list, I just use common sense... :P
    if a language isn't supported, oh well...
    just note there is no symbols, so you have to use cpp or js instead of c++ or j#.

    yes, j# is actually a language

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    @DarkPikachu "js" is JavaScript, not J#. But I get your point. Unfortunately, for the bot I'm making, "common sense" is not reliable enough. This is something that needs documentation. 

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    haha, oops, I have no idea how I didn't notice that XD

    anyways yeah I understand, it is a very different story for a bot, and I have nothing to say about it. ;)

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    Is there support for markdown formatted tables in Discord? 

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    Middle Earth

    That's do I rotate a quarter turn clock wise ? Also i seem to have lost the dam chat channel

  • How do you put borders on the side if your writing that look like this

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    @๖ۣۜPsYcoTix  Last time I checked, only bots can do that. I'm not sure if they'll change that or not, but I wouldn't expect it.

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    Wukang (Edited )

    Can a bot make use of markdown text? 

    For example, Id like a bot to be able to post a code block into the chat like so


    <insert code here>


    and have it be formatted like a code block as if I typed it into the discord client myself.

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    @Wukang Short answer: yes

    Long answer: (afaik) all text formatting is handled by the clients themselves. Thus, sending a markdown code block from any source will render correctly as long as the client viewing it has support for it.

    Also, in general bots can do just about everything a human can, with the exception of a few high-level admin things (owning a server, etc). However, as mentioned above, not everything that bots can do can be done by humans.

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    these are all

    ***Italic bold***
    *__Underlined Italic__*
    **__Underlined Bold__**
    ***__Underlined Bold Italic__***
    ~~Strike trough~~
    ~~*Strike trough Italic*~~
    ~~**Strike trough Bold**~~
    ~~***Strike trough Italic Bold***~~
    ~~__Strike trough Underlined__~~
    ~~***__Strike trough Italic Bold Underlined__***~~

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    Does Markdown work with discord mobile? I've tried using it on the mobile app but it doesn't seem to work.

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    AdrienH (Edited )

    We want hyperlink support :
    and spoilers :
    >! This text is hidden without hovering over it

    Pretty please :-D

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    Lucky Duck

    Does anyone have an, up-to-date color codes?

    I've tried some of them but they gave different colors than they were supposed to, either that or didn't work at all. 

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    When I attempt to use Markdown language to format my chat, I am getting the following output:

    I enter it using the following format:

    My computer is using Linux Mint 18.1. I installed it using discord-0.0.1.deb from the website.

    My complaint is that the asterisks, and the pound symbol are both showing up in the output, in spite of the fact it appears to be colored, and formatted correctly. I was wondering if this is standard, I am doing something wrong, or due to the fact I am using Linux and not Windows or Mac is causing a difference in Output.

    I checked on my android phone (android is a version of Linux), and using my husband's computer (he also uses Linux. We don't have any Windows computers in our home) and android device. All the output is the same, except as noted by another user, Android output lacks the proper coloration and formatting.

    If there is a ``` code I could use to improve the output, that would be acceptable. If the appearance of my post is correct on Windows or Macs, and is just odd on Linux, that would be annoying, but OK. Not everyone has full support for Linux. The fact you have a native client is awesome.

    After several hours of trying different syntax, getting scolded about my chat post not being properly formatted by the moderator of the server, and not finding much documentation to improve my results or explain the problem, I am hoping my troubles will help someone else figure out a solution and post it.

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    NPC namber łan (Edited )

    @traenae if you post something inside "```Markdown" it will only highlight the syntax. It won't make headlines, bold/italic/underlined text, etc.

    Discord uses simplified markdown, so it doesn't have headlines. All that works is listed in this article:

    • bold, italics, underline, strikeout (and all combinations of those)
    • code (inline and block)

    That's all you can use.

    @Lucky Duck there are no "color codes". You mean syntax highlighting in code blocks.

    All available languages you can use: 

    Demo of highlighting: (Discord seems to be using Solarized Dark/Light style)

    Here are some I selected myself:



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    xXIcyBoyXx (Edited )

    I want to know how to do this (look at link) but this page doesn't show, I did a "Submit a Request" thing and they linked me back to here. :/

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    xXIcyBoyXx unless they've changed it, only bots can do that. If you're looking for the bot instructions, they're here:

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    DeliciousCoffee (Edited )

    This is an older post but quick question, how do you make bold italics work? i tried it and it just makes bold

    thanks in advance


    EDIT: you made a mistake for bold italics showing 2 asterisk instead of three :D

    you should double check all of them to be sure to correct them



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    can somebody update this page and at least make it more clear what the last part is talking about because im trying to format some rules and it doesnt turn up colored, let alone work like its supposed it.

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    re: this page
    have u guys ever thought about.... idk.... implementing some html or bbcode? i want to use header options and div align.

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    Shiny190 (Edited )
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    kolisee (Edited )
    underlind bold italics __**underline bold italics**__


    I think this is supposed to be with three (3) asterisks. And also a typo? No problem.

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    What do I need to change so I can press enter for a new line rather than submitting my post?

    I want to be able to press enter for a new line and continue writing before I press submit. 

    New to this, any hints? ta

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    Shift+Enter (doesn't work on mobile browsers in desktop view)

    I wish mobile discord looked and functioned as good as the web version :P

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    GumZ Cat

    How to make a strike or double strike from the sentences or words guys?

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    Strikethrough is ~~like this~~

  • What happened to the crossout? @Cilantrelle

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