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How is Discord making money? How can I contribute?




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    This site gon blow up, and my comment gonna be top dawg cause I'm da best.

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    We used Ventrilo for years and I hated the lack of updates, then migrated to Mumble and loved it. We used GroupMe for a long while for text chat and recently moved to #Slack and its been amazing, this has the best of both, and its super easy to sign people up... I don't take migrating my guildies lightly, but this is simply to good to be true.

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    I like that they said 'Stay classy, Discordians.'

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    That insinuation we have any class, priceless. *adjusts monocle* oh right, I do have class.

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    Oh, trust me, I'm trying to get all my mates over to Discord! I haven't used a voice/text chat client in many years but the simplicity, clean and clear design, and sheer amount of control/configuration items within Discord make it too hard to pass!! Definitely plan to contribute by purchasing some themed content when available! :) .. great platform guys; keep it up!!

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    So, basically - Discord will be WeChat for gamers.

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    Well, when you do I will support you guys it's an excellent App.

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    Lorde (Owner) (Edited )

    Hopefully, it won't be too much longer before these come out.

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    I just hope you guys don't get bought-out by a bigger company. Discord needs to stay fair with making profits and remain open to the people who just want a good chatting service!

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    Sooo... your business model is to get as many users as possible and then get bought. Gotcha.

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    App and service of that quality for free? I will quote John Constantine here: "There is always a catch..."
    I'm sure, we will find it out in some time.

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    Please! Please be a paid option for higher bitrate. I know, that not many people will buy it, but the YouTubers surely.

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    MrJack (Edited )



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    Discord, How Do I Get On My Profile In The Browser Tab? It'd Be Very Helpful To Know! Thanks


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    "Cosmetic items"


    proceeds to add global custom emojis, a boosted upload limit and animated avatars for people who pay.


    nice cosmetic items.

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