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[Video] Make an Admin, Mod, and Private Channel with Discord Permissions




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    Very helpful guide but I have only one question, does this hide these private access channels from those who don't have permission to enter? Will they even seen these channels?

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    r1ver Tryn>

    If a channel is made 'private' by setting up the Deny Read Messages to @everyone, then inherently, shouldn't they not be able to invite to that channel?

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    @TheGreatSunbro They will see the voice-channel (with a little lock-icon next to it) but not the text-channel

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    I need help, I tried to create an owner only channel which only I can access, but everyone on the server can read the messages in it and send messages in it! Even though only I can read and send messages.

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    @ıllıllı sεяριση ғx ıllıllı you'll need to edit the channel permissions (as pointed in the video) and deny the "read messages" permission to the @everyone role. If you're still having troubles, email us at and we can help further there.



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    Can people with the 'Administrator' permission change the current owner of the server? or is that the only thing they can't do?

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    Cilantrelle (Edited )

    @cjmoto7 Administrators can't ban/kick/mute the server owner, or transfer ownership of the server. They also can't edit / assign any roles higher than their highest administrator role.

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