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    Any tasks in your roadmap to automatically pull Twitch Subscription Tier ($4.99, $9.99, $24.99) information so that I can segment my users and roles by their tier?

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    It appears this blog was recently updated within the last 21 hours. It does say in the first paragraph that Affiliates are able to do this as well now. However, I'm a Twitch Affiliate and have synced my Twitch to my Discord multiple times. Yet every time I go to "Integrations" under my "Server Settings" it still always says "NO INTEGRATIONS Connect your partnered Twitch or YouTube Gaming account to sync your subscribers/sponsors to a role"

    This line tells me that it's still set up for partners only, which is completely contradictory of the statement at the end of the first paragraph of this blog. "Oh, and even our Twitch Affiliate friends can do this too." If anyone could please help with getting this setup, I'd appreciate it.

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    @TiamatRuler I sent in a support ticket and they sent me steps on getting it to work (I was also confused since it wasn't letting me at first even though I'm an affiliate.)


    I'm so sorry to hear about the sync issues! Can you try the following steps to see if it helps?
    1) Removing all connections and unsyncing the accounts between Discord and Twitch (through both and also in the Discord App)
    2) Logging out of both your Twitch and Discord account and closing them both in the Task Manager.
    3) Restart computer!
    4) Then login to Twitch first.
    5) Login with Discord, then go to the sync page, and see if that works!

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    PhatMale (Edited )

    [found a fix for original post]

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