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    Hi! I'm trying to connect my twitch account but every time i click on the twitch icon nothing happens? It pulls up a new tab but that's it. I'm not sure where it's going wrong or why.

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    Can someone make a video about this? Whenever I go to integrations, it asks me to link my accounts. When I click on the link, I am taken to the connections tab to connect my accounts (THAT HAVE ALREADY BEEN CONNECTED). Nothing shows up on the integrations tab except for a message telling me to link my accounts.

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    @canariporsche Did you try going into your Server settings and selecting the "Twitch Integration" tab? That's where you'll find the ability to manage the Twitch Sub role. Check out the blog post (linked at the beginning of this article) for help with that.

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    @Cilantrelle Well... I am streamer:) And I have Discord server. So I don't understand how to sync my twitch and YouTube account to my Discord server.

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