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How do I permanently delete my account?




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    [WoLF] GuestWrk1337

    to remove account this account sucks >.>

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    I haven't signed up for 24 hours and I already want to delete my account. No voice recording. No separate channels or private chat rooms or video calling. This is terrible for podcasting or recording meetings, it's just for kids to stream their games. This shit has such limited options and all because they lock the audio settings behind the account. I type as a warning: Do NOT get this app for serious broadcasting. Spend the money on TeamSpeak, it's worth it.

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    You're gonna have trouble in EU if users can't delete their accounts.

  • There should be an option to deactivate your account so that it logs out of all the devices that Discord account was logged into, and reactivate it by logging in when you want it back. PLEASE.

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    An even better problem is somehow having two accounts both trying to use the same e-mail. You can't modify either one, you can't change the username on either one, to let one go "inactive". Just let people delete their accounts FFS. This is a weird choice of services NOT to offer.

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    I want my account completely closed for good. By keeping people's email addresses when they are inactive is against the law. If your site get's hacked into, your risking people's accounts which will lead to millions of dollars in a lawsuit. I know I'll sue in a heartbeat. So either close my account permanently now, or you'll be hearing from my attorney. You have exactly two weeks from this message's date.

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    Hey guys want to delete the account completely you'll need to contact customer service ask them to delete the account via your username

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    Please delete my account. As an admin or site owner, you should have the power to do so. Delete it.

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    I want my account deleted too. Thanks.

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    So... what's your suggestion when an account was fradulently created using my info....? I've already emailed your support, but you *might* wanna rethink this one.

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    Same as above I would like you to permanently delete my account and not leave it to go into an 'inactive' status - surely you can amend the service to either provide the option to delete accounts or if the account is inactive for a month it will be automatically deleted?

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    Eureeka Havoc

    I created an account using an e-mail address that I shouldn't have for a number of reasons. I now have discord set-up with the correct e-mail and want to delete the account with the wrong e-mail. I agree that holding an account and it's information as "Inactive" is NOT the same as deleting. This is a feature that should be added ASAP.

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    I would also like to delete a secondary account that I created for testing purposes, as it is no longer needed. Please provide more information.

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    I want my account deleted I don't like it or find it useful is there anyway someone knows that I can delete this for good?

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    Demond (Edited )


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    Please add a way to delete an account. The inability to delete an account is a bad business model, unless you are scamming users, spamming users, or selling user information.

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    I would like my account deleted. This is absolutely insane. The EULA did not contain such language.

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    If we want to delete our accounts, then make it an option so people if they wish, can delete their accounts.

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    delete my account

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    Keslarium (Music Account)

    I actually like discord, unlike some of the other complaining people in the comments (no hard feelings, idc what you like or don't like), but I'm here because I created a 2nd account for something that didn't end up working, and I wan't to know how to get rid of it. Simple as that. Turns out it's gonna be one of those things where it's like NOPE YOU'RE STUCK HERE. So DISCORD PEEPS fix plz.

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    You guys are freaking idiots... absolutely no sense of user's rights. How would you like it if Google held onto your fucking home address and personal information and said fuck off we'll just deactivate your account until you come back. Oh, that's right, you don't give a shit because you're just another greedy corporate pig-headed assholes that just wants our personal information for your own selfish monetary gain.

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    I just wanna delete my account for good.

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    Changed Discord email to a 10 minute email and delete the passwd from passwd manager. It's not the first time I've encountered a situation like this. However it's a free service so I know I can't complain.

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    Pan (Edited )

    I'm really worried about humanity right now...I mean... really guys?? Is having your account not deleted in 100% is so painfull to you? You know the aren't gonna use your's informations to kidnap you or something.

    To people who are saying "they're another company who just want to use people's data for bussines" I just want you all to know that google, facebook, youtube are more dangerous than this company... And about "I want to have pece in mind" There is something called "cookies" and they know your's info when you join websides with cookies on so going by your's logic you should change pc, internet, change home, probably move to the other country so you can have peace in mind that no side that you entered 2 years ago knows your info.

    Eh.. to all of you people... There is something called "memory" if you want to separate from this app then just FORGET about it. Yes you can do something like that! It won't hurt! It's just annoying how people can hate something for no reason. I understand if someone is perfectionist (I am by myself) but i never had this problem with programs. As I said above. They won't attack you / kidnap / kill / anything They must have a reason to do so (mayby they want to prevent people from making multiple accounts) And yes I have to admit, there should be delete account option. Hope someone found my post helpfull (probably not) Peace guys. 

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    Shay (Edited )
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    Shameless (Edited )

    @DiscordDan you dont get it you fucking retard, people want their accounts deleted, they don't want your scummy fingers on their personal history... add a delete function u fucking lazy retard

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    Swatch (Edited )

    Hmmm... as an adult... setting up the thing. Accidentally creating two accounts, i can reason that its a money making thing. If they keep your accounts as "accounts", even if inactive they can still tell the companies shareholder investors that they have "_ number of accounts". If you get me, it makes them look better than they are by not allowing consumers to delete their accounts.

    This would be the only possible benefit to them.

    Having a person delete their account has no individual loss to the consumer. A person who runs a discord, generally deletes it for a reason and is aware when they are doing it. A person who deletes their account just to use a group's discord server is clearly able to sign up within about 30 seconds and upload an image very easily. Therefore, having an inactive account doesnt really help the common user. The 30 seconds of saving doesnt interest a short term user in a marketable capacity. Ie, most of the human race isnt going to switch from TS to save 30 seconds for one day in their 90 year lifetime.

    It should inevitably be the consumers choice as to whether they wish to delete their account or not. To remove their data from being datamined by googlebots for the rest of eternity. As if your information stays on the website, you type in your username and discord together on google in ten years, even though inactive it may still get hits. Unfortunately, because it is still in the datamined information on their servers. Unless expunged, google will not break the link and remove it from the listings. Regardless if this is the case or not, this is quite a valid legal argument. As retention of data is a serious issue if against consumer consent. Policies signed by people in countries like Australia can be voided by local government regulations. The person prior was very accurate, in some countries it is illegal to retain peoples data. Especially minors, which would be a large portion of this service.

    It may be more financially wise to allow consumers the freedom to retain their own data. Even if the data from the past is held by the corporation for 7 years or whatever, as is the tax standard. The data should be disconnected from the active service and the user should be able to click a delete button and their email address removed from discord mailing lists.

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    I would prefer to be able to delete an account (not this one)


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    People have been begging for the feature to delete their accounts since 2015. FUCKING ADD IT ALREADY! Your app is shit that makes your ping spike to ridiculous levels. 

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