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How do I permanently delete my account?




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    People have been begging for the feature to delete their accounts since 2015. FUCKING ADD IT ALREADY! Your app is shit that makes your ping spike to ridiculous levels. 

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    This is literally the worst program I have ever used in my entire life. I can't DELETE my profile? YOU FORCE THE PROGRAM TO OPEN ITSELF WITHOUT MY PERMISSION ON MY PC? Seriously, discord? Words cannot express my disappointment in this horrendous program. Get your act together.

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    Zid Freeman (Edited )

    "You can also change your e-mail and username to something that isn't associated with any personal attachment to yourself if you wish to detach it even further. "

    please elaborate. 


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    Obviously adults like myself,are not happy being on discord. This place is useless, pointless. Delete our accounts. Stop holding us hostage. Are you techy people not qualified to DELETE our accounts? I personally do not want anymore email notifications and I shouldn't have to make a fake email to replace. Just let us leave this site by deleting out accounts!

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    Maître Zen


    Ok, I anderstand.

    Discord is not free. You pay them with ours data to send to CIA and Co...
    I publish that everywhere to prevent ather victim of Discord...

    In 1 week, Discord have to explain all peaple why they use our data without our authorisation.


    All service like Google, like Facebook, use our data to win money. But they accepte we delete our account...


    1 week...


    I want DELETE my account. Or I'll go to my law service for winning money from you ;)


    Are youy ready ?

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    Pan (Edited )

    Hahaha, good luck bro.

    They probably send your email and nick name to Gestapo, you should probably run.

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    epicface999 (very inactive)

    what will happen if I move to a different place and had no Wi-Fi for months?

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    My information is exposed, and i want it deleted. NOW

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    Silver Curacao

    Delete my account RN!

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    Kajros (Edited )

    It is indeed against the law to hold our personal information for just "waiting until they get back", if the user wants it deleted. Discord is indeed making money by selling our e-mail address to more companies, and their stats are not going to decrease by people leaving this app. Moderators, administrators of Discord, please make an option to delete any information regarding the account that it is bounded to, or to put the account to inactive should the user wants to come back to it later. It will improve the feedback of the users that are raging for this feature to be available from the start.

    There might come more problems from others should you not going to comply.

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    I think the FCC would be interested in what has become a form of ransomware. Delete my account.

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    This is insanely forceful, to not let people delete their accounts. But you got me, I guess. User beware.

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    Never have I encountered software that did not permit you to erase all traces of your presence should you decide you want to leave. What on earth!

    It is surreal to almost feel akin to a hostage. So agreed with the poster above me 'person considering this beware'. Also sad to think this has been going on for such a length of time and nothing has been done. I decided to go to their support and request it.

    Apparently the process to 'delete' is said to take 30 days. So there is some hope at least. But all the same .. damn. :C

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    ivy (Edited )



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    grimmish (Edited )

    Let us delete our accounts. Let us delete it whenever we wanted. Just put a delete account button, then we're all right. -,-

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    Complete and utter cunts!



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    Filthy motherfucking cunts. Delete my account, or give me the option to do so. 


    Will take legal action tomorrow if my account is not removed - not joking, sitting on 'daddy-money' here and have solid lawyers!

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    Yourmomismywhores1 (Edited )

    Good, still no reply. 

    Guys, I'll advice EVERYONE that wants to get rid of his/her account to inform the board but perhaps more importantly, the (share)holders about this blatant issue (which by the way is totally ignored). 

    Discord is not allowed to sell your information, which they're probably not doing anyways. 

    The only reason they don't want you to delete your account is to keep the numbers (members) up, so they can present these to (potential) investors. 

    Many companies do so, but all been brought to their knees by their very own members - whom all insisted on the option to delete their account(s). 

    So, in short - notify the board and (potential) investors of this issue and I'll promise you that we'll have a delete my account button within a few hours :-). 





    Edit, even more:



    Be sure to notify investors of these practices :-).

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    Alright, I e-mailed them about this issue.

    They can terminate your account for good if you submit a ticket on support.

    Indeed a button would be easier but there is an option.

    Please, no need to rage.

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    Inactive Account

    So basically you guys keep all information on your servers with no option to delete it?  This year really has taken a toll for the worse.  Having to change all of your information to something you'll never use again is just wasted effort on the user's end.  You really can't just take fifteen minutes to program an option to remove the database entry, and all linked entries? for the win, the only way to really ensure that your account will never be accessed again.

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    Yourmomismywhores1 (Edited )

    No, don't go that way - because your account and all information attached to it will still be in Discords hands. 

    As promised I've made my lawyer draft a concept for the case, they will be sued. 

    Anyways, if you feel like doing something about this yourself, complain (massively) to (potential) investors.

    Oh and @Kajros, I have enough reason to rage - as should you, because being ignored is anything but pleasant. 


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    Sandeep Chatterjee

    Please add feature of deleting account becuase many of the friends are not joining discord and thus not joining server as they say the account once made cant be deleted so please add this feature even facebook and other socail medias too add this why cant this awesome chatting service

    After being inactive you should delete the previous activities you may log them for your data but it should not be in public and the account should be deleted and not waiting to be relogin why should user be not allowed to disconnect from any service.

    I want to delete my account as I have to make a new one but I cant delete this whenever it will be inactive and then I login it will restore all the things then what is the reason of inactivation and what is the reason of not letting deleting account.

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    Chloe Magers

    DELETE my child's account. She did not have my permission to open it. It is not to remain inactive, I will contact the State Attorney General's office and file a complaint if you do not completely remove our email from any association with this website. 

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    @Dannysaur, and the rest of the Discord team,

    Not only have you proven yourselves incapable of dealing with this simple user request in a mature and timely manner, but by your unwillingness to change this medieval and borderline unlawful policy, you have exposed your company as the slimy, scummy user farm it is.  Your silence speaks volumes.

    Hope you have a good legal team, scumbags.

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    Magister Gir (Edited )

    We personally cannot delete our emails and after browsing through their ToS I am more than distraught with their services. The only way to actually delete your account however is to actually EMAIL their support and then go through the process of them deleting all your information which you have to SPECIFICALLY request. If you only say "delete my account" they will still hold your information ransom. You have to demand they delete all information associated with you and your email, if you do not they can still hold onto that information. 

    They can also change that wording as well as their ToS on the dime WITHOUT notifying anyone of doing so. They would also only require you to sign in to actually agree with the new ToS rather than actually having us read it over. This place is a complete PoS and hell hole filled with slimy and denigrate businessmen looking to line their pockets for free. As well as making it near impossible or hard to find ways for a user to remove their information and delete their account. 

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    Absolutely disgusted how you ignore our complaints about private information and you do not wish to allow us to delete our accounts, how shameful.

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    Well we're fools to let ourselves fall to this pit of hell

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    Delete my account. This service is useless to me.

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