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How do I permanently delete my account?




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    Zankō, Inc. (Esko Alatalo) (Edited )

    I see you people not looking at our pleading, instead of listening to us you do your silly updates. Give us a favor and do what we say, listen to us atleast ONCE. Your silly app is trash to me. 

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    [YT] FastToflash Gothax (Edited )


    Now this account that i use

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    Quick web search to learn how to delete account brought me here to find it can't be done. Also learned via the comments that you're doing some sketchy data mining of profiles. No wonder you won't delete, info = $ these days.

    Luckily I signed on with an email slush account. Next time I sign up for something like this I will use a temp throw away account.

    I took the time to post this not for you but for the others users that come here

  • carlos_aznableMarch 02, 2016 16:40

    I haven't signed up for 24 hours and I already want to delete my account. No voice recording. No separate channels or private chat rooms or video calling.


    I know this is ages ago but

    Don't waste your sh~t on TeamSpeak. Not necessary. 


  • Plus: Discord listened to thy calls

    We got private chat rooms, and video calling.

    Voice recording you can easily set up, so why demand this when you can do it yourself?

    That just seems lazy.


  • @[YT] FastToflash Gothax

    You might want to contact Discord personally about that.

  • Also, what @Siddeeq said.

    from the Discord ToS:
    By uploading, distributing, transmitting or otherwise using Your Data with the Services, you grant to us a nonexclusive, transferable, royalty-free, sublicensable, and worldwide license to use Your Data, subject to the Company’s Privacy Policy.


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    I want to CLOSE my account permanently. I won't ever come back.

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    Please delete my account pls don't want it.

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    submit a ticket its the only way to delete your account

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    So... How many days infill the account becomes inactive


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    If I delete my account, will it's posts also dissapear

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    lvdancer 3448

    I want to completely delete my account!  How do I get your download OUT of my computer???  It's slowing my computer down!  I want OUT!

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    The fact that you won't allow your users to delete their accounts is beyond SHOCKING! I do not want my information out there and I am not about to set up a fake email account just so I can remove my personal ONE from this service. I don't care how many users you guys need to impress your board of directors or potential investors. PLEASE DELETE THIS ACCOUNT!

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    But how do I delete it?

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    THIS IS 2017. If I want to delete an account I've created, I should be able to. Not allowing people to delete something that is 100% deletable, is controlling. Please just let us delete our accounts if we want to.

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    Fuck you assholes. Let me delete this nonsense already!

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    Nep Nep

    Please add the option to delete accounts. There is no reason why you cannot add the option.

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    Please give us the option to delete accounts. If it cannot be done, please put up a termination date like they do to some games. I.e. If an account is inactive for six months, please delete them right away. Just having an inactive account cannot satisfy others, so it would be neat if you added this feature in the next update.

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    Maxy Snaxy

    i am perm muted on this thing and i need a new discord but i dont want a new email :(


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    Kaiya(Diabolos)Kailani Rhys

    I need a rep to contact me......i want my account have no right to hold my info hostage, nor allow me to delete my account. Also, this was not mentioned when we signed up. So please contact me asap.

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    i like how it's been over two years and they STILL don't give a fuck about privacy or doing the moral thing which is GIVING US A DELETE OPTION. I don't want my info sold to spammers so you can make a few dollars.

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    zaplen (Edited )

    you cant delete your acc, it seems this website is leaking all your private information for $. I wouldnt bother signing up unless you want your information stolen or use a secondary email.

    Don't worry you can disaccosiate your email by selecting a new email address! although that will probably be leaked too.. but dont worry by being inactive your account will practically become non existent (aside from some russians who've been trying to log in)

     lol. Just delete my account, is it really that hard? The fact that you dont mention you can remove your account when you sign up just adds on to whole douchiness

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    Game Night

    They'll probably add this feature later when there are more discord users

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    1. Add an option to delete accounts
    2. Don't tell us to just deactivate it "cause it's the same thing"... We all know it's not the same thing so just stop pretending. It's an insult to the users' own intelligence.
    3. Do not troubleshoot people on this thread for requests that are clearly not linked to the thread... It is annoying and out of topic. If somebody posts something by mistake, you should troubleshoot them privately.

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    In actual fact, changing the data of an account is really the same thing as deleting it, as deleting data is just changing it's values.
    Albeit, the difference is that one has values of "null" (which isn't really null in most cases) and the other has random values, but essentially the same thing.

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    This is ridiculous !!!

    I am  not allowed to delete my account ?


    Sorry, but I want it gone, totally gone

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    This discussion has gone on for more than a year. 


    I want the delete button.

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    What if everyone on the intermet were to learn about this "problem" ??

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