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    Dan, is there any ETA on this?

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    Same as above. I'd really like to test out discord and possibly move from Teamspeak, but our permission system currently pulls from our fourms and assigns groups and permission automatically. Without the ability to do this we're stuck on TS.

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    Sorry, no eta, but trust me. We want to get this unleashed asap. It just needs to get documented :)

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    +1 for the api, please set it as priority, I want our community to migrate here but without an API there are other options out there available now...

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    I would love to be able to embed this into my Wordpress membership site! Even have a widget for the sidebar. Just an idea.

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    No point on using this without user registration/disable API tool....
  • Dan Im Not Understand how i make Bots in my discord channel

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    Sexy Kitty


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    Is it possible to write a client for windows phones with this api?

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    The Devin™

    is there a place to learn about bots other then the API server? Because I can't join it.. I was banned.

    It's the damnedest thing, I joined last night, and the people seemed pretty laid back, so I thought, "Wow, looks like a neat new hangout place" the rules even said We are not against trolling -- just don't make it the only thing you do here.  And I wasn't even trolling, I was showing some people there some of the things my bots could do via snapshots. And then a mod comes on and bans me!

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    Going to see if we can hook this up to our Gameservers. Get live data into your channel!. Or let the team know a new server is up and running. 

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    I'm trying to create a bot for my discord and it said it needs a Redirect URL to work and an RPC Origin to work. Do anyone know what that mean?

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    Beamiin (Edited )
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    Totally not a circle

    I'm still confused, How exactly do I MAKE a bot? Like one that plays music and stuff


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    Agent Smith

    Is there a way to disable certain settings on a bot? I was on a server with a group of friends and something called nsfw was typed in and the most inappropriate picture came up. Is there someway we can disable that because we have young kids (and adults) on here that don't need to see that stuff. Thanks!

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    MaybeImAPotato (Edited )
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    I'm still confused about the whole bot thing.

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