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Resending Verification Email




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    i can't remember the last time i was so frustrated. i click button to resend verification email 30 times and nothing happens. so i read in the notes here to change the email address (doesn't even have to be valid) so i change to a different email address of mine. link sends, success! follow instructions to verify. login and still unverified. so i change my address back to my primary and the email wont send. rinse and repeat 3 more times now everything is expired and i'm still not verified. y'all gotta fix this garbage system you have going on.

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    snek (Edited )


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    I don't understand this. It never works. Also, do I use my real email and password?

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    Discord says that my account is unverified and the link you all sent me has now expired. There is no button for me to resend the email, is there another way for you all to resend the link?

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    to me it does not work :(

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    my broken email


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    Yeah, same problem here as mentioned above. Had to actualy create a new account because my original could not be verified after i reinstalled my OS. So it´s 2 for 2, and different email providers for each, so it´s not depending on that. I also tried verifying from a friends comp that is running Win 10 (compared to my Win 7) so that would seem to not be the issue either.

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    I don't know what happened, but no matter how many times I try, I can't get the verification email. I have made sure that I am doing the correct email, but it won't let me do anything. Do I have to create an entirely new email?

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    I've never gotten  the email needed to verify my account  i try every day and nothing, i use a email

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    I need help finding the inbox and spam folder but i dont know where it is


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    I clicked the bold red words many times but I am still not getting the resent email


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    I have not gotten a verification email. My address is entered correctly, but clicking "Resend verification email" does not get me an email. It does not appear in either my inbox or my spam box. Changing my account to a sockpuppet email account gets a verification email sent to that address, but when I try to change back to my normal address, it says I need to verify the new email, and, of course, I never get the message. The hell?

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    Verification link brings me to a blurry web page. Tried resending link and refreshing page. Nothing. Please help!!

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    I also have the problem with creating an app and receiving:

    You need to verify your e-mail in order to perform this action.
    I have verified my e-mail in the past and reverified it (by switching to a fake e-mail and then back) many times to no avail.
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    Discord says that it sent me a verify link to my email adress but when i check my email i cant find nothing. Please help


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    MadCarbonGamer (Edited )

    the verify just keeps timing out after 40 mins of nothing and ive tried 3 times

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    i'm having truble i already verified my e-mail adress but when i wanted to creat a bot for my server it told me that i have to verify it  here look

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    Tried to resend the email many, many times. None of which I have received. 

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    work verity email ?

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    Ive tried sending the verification email and i got it once and it expired. I tried resending and it dosent even show up anywhere in my email. I keep trying to resend it but the same thing keeps happing.

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    No email is being sent. And until I can verify I'm unable to chat in my discord group.

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    The email isn't coming through. Like, I've tried resending a few times, both from the prompt on a chat I want to join and from my account. I double checked my email was right too, but nothing's coming through to my inbox OR junk. Is there anything I can do?

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    I don't have the option to resend the verification email under account settings, just a blank red box at the top of the account settings screen...need another option, help please!!

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    Landshark's 15th Account

    Every time I open a verification email it loads and brings me to a blank white screen, reloading does nothing. I've resent the email many times and tried it again to no avail. Any fixes?

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    Where can I find the inbox

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    .•★nom nom★•.

    My verification bar is yellow, is that a bad thing? I'm also trying to join servers but it won't allow my because it won't let me verify my email. 

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    Sweetchacha l E-5 l Shadow

    I would like to ask that you help me. It says i need to get my account verified by email. I have had it send the email 50 times and none of them came through to me. Please help.

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    Hi.  I cannot get the email to verify.  character name CuPixy.  Started yesterday.

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    No matter what i do, i cant get an email. ive tried changing it, and now i cant sign into the aPP EITHER



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    It just doesn't work.

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