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What are the OS/system requirements for Discord?




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    I want to know specifically what browser versions are required.  Do I need to use cookies, Web GL, or any other advanced settings? 

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    What are the real requirements to seek employment for Discord?

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    Will there be a version for older platforms on PCs or at the very least a windows phone version?


    I can't upgrade my PC just because of a chat/call client didn't inform me up front that I'm stuck with the browser version.


    Please. I love your app, but I'm a woman of few funds.

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    Kelsey | Just_MagiKKal (Edited )

    I need to know the hardware requirements for the windows version - how much RAM, 32 bit or 64 bit, minimum required hard drive space to install it. Also, keep in mind that without a no-installer version there's no way for a lot of people to fit Discord on their computer, possibly including myself; I only have a 50GB hard drive and thus rely on the addition of a microSD card in order to have space for the things I need.

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    How much megabites does this take?

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    But still, there is some graphical issues while playing this game in my pc. Try this link to boost up your legacy of discords game.

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