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    @WILL I don't believe this can be done with permissions, but a bot can handle it for you.  Dyno and Nadeko are listed as having this feature on the Carbon Discord Stats bot list.

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    WILL (Edited )

    Cheers @calfuris ! The Nadeko bot was easy to figure out. Problem solved.

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    I'm a bit unclear on who can assign roles to people. If I have a 'leader' role, a 'member' role and @everyone, can the leaders assign the member role to people without the 'Manage Roles' permission, as they are a higher rank role?

    The tooltip for the 'Manage Roles' permission doesn't seem to cover assigning roles, just creating and editing them.

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    @zulaxia Despite the leader role being higher in the hierarchy than the members role, they still need the permission (Manage Roles) in order to assign anyone roles in the server! (Otherwise, the role is just a label without the permissions!) The hierarchy helps to determine what types of roles they can assign and to whom!

    And yup, to clarify, the Manage Roles permission include assigning users roles as well!

    @WILL @calfuris is spot on! Thanks for the support!

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    This system is so flawed that it hurts.

    It's acceptable since the app is under development but it needs serious revision as soon as possible.

    One evil mod and your server is doomed, everyone gets mod, server is swarmed and there's little way to control it...

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    @ruleta If you would like to see changes to these systems in the future or have suggestions on how to improve the current system, then you can definitely add and vote up the suggestions at 

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    Hey I'm the owner of a channel and I want to let my friends change my nickname, but they can't. I have given them all the permissions and reordered the roles so I'm at the bottom but they still can't. Is it because I'm the owner, and what can I do to let them change my nickname?

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    Is the "display role members separately from online members" feature also dependent on this hierarchy?

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    @ellolizard A simple moderator can mess up all the other roles underneath, if you put those higher then his color is replaced (when he has both roles), if one at the bottom has a higher power than you but it's at the bottom because of it's color, anyone can still assign it to others.

    There's no practical way you can have different kinds of staff, imo this whole system should be revised.

    It's not awful but it has to work in a very different way, like more of a Tree Structure

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    How do i bump a role to the top of the role list?


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    Phyx, it's a simple drag and drop to the position you want it in. Be warned, unless you're the owner, you cannot put a role above your own.

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    The Sightless Sniper

    I accidentally created a couple of roles I didn't need. How do I delete them? There's no trash can icon anywhere in the role management tab, nor in any other tab.

    Can someone help me out here?

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    @The Sightless Sniper

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    The "Manage Messages" permission should really follow the hierarchy, like the ban/kick/nickname permissions do.

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    The Fish Boxer (Edited )

    Can you please make the hierarchy channel-specific instead of server-specific?

    Example: I have a server that has specific channels for each console and specific roles for each console. Folks who use multiple consoles are assigned multiple roles. Let's call those roles Console 1, Console 2, and Console 3. Let's call the channels A1, B1, A2, B2, A3, B3, and Central Hub. Let's call the user User X, User Y, and User Z.

    Console 1 is green. Console 2 is blue. Console 3 is red.

    Channels A1 and B1 are for Console 1, A2 and B2 are for Console 2, A3 and B3 are for Console 3, and Central Hub is for all 3 roles.

    User X has all 3 roles assigned. Use Y has Console 2 and Console 3 assigned. User Z has Console 3 assigned.

    In Channels A1 and B1 everyone's name is green. Awesome! That's what it's supposed to be!
    In Channels A2 and B2 User X is green and User Y is blue. The role of Console 1 doesn't even have permissions here so why does its color apply? Everyone should be blue. In Channels A3 and B3 User X is green, User Y is blue, and User Z is red. The roles of Console 1 and Console 2 don't even have permissions here so why do their colors apply? Everyone should be red.

    Sure I could go ahead and make 7 roles instead of 3 (Console 1, Console 2, Console 3, Consoles 1&2, Consoles 2&3, Consoles 1&3, All 3 Consoles) but that's a lot of work and maintenance and a very messy workaround for something that should very easily be fixed on the back-end with a simple change of where hierarchy applies.

    Colors in a channel should be based on the highest assign role THAT APPLIES TO THAT SPECIFIC CHANNEL - not the entire server.

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    I'm Trying to set up a discord for Puggo's World unturned server but I don't know how to make it so someone can send messages in a chat but cant read messages from it other than there own to make a player reports area

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    calfuris (Edited )

    I don't believe that that is possible with permissions (spent a while trying on a test server).  

    I believe something of the sort is possible using a bot.  There are two approaches I can see: 

    1.  Have users direct message the bot with reports, and have the bot post those reports to a mod-only reports channel.  This lets users see their report history and is probably more secure, but there won't be a public reports channel in the sidebar to remind users that the option exists (you could make an empty channel that just has a reminder, but that's not very elegant).
    2. Have a public reports channel and a mod-only reports channel.  Have the bot copy reports from the public channel over to the mod-only channel, and then delete them from the public channel.  This gives you a visible channel to remind users that the option exists, and might be slightly more convenient.  On the downside, users won't be able to see their report history, and there might be an opportunity for a user to spot a report before the bot removes it (would be a short window of opportunity at best, but a malicious user might be able to write a bot to watch for updates in that channel and screenshot them).

    I'm not aware of any bots that have either functionality off the top of my head, but there might be some.  If nobody's done it yet, it should be a relatively easy function to add to a modular bot like Red.

    Edit: somehow managed to post this trying to make multi-level lists, well before I was done writing.

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    Dexxus (Edited )

    Honestly, there needs to be an option to lock roles.

    I want to create a "Punished" role that ranks at the absolute bottom of the heirarchy (and removes a handful of rights) for users that misbehave, but I DO NOT want my moderators to be able to alter or delete that role, as that's a feature I'd only really trust a full-on Admin with.

    While putting the "Punished" role at the top of the heirarchy fixes this issue, it causes another - namely that the "Punished" user can now no longer be kicked or banned, in case such measures must be taken. It also seems to cause other issues when multiple roles are involved.

    There's also the issue of seperate management systems not being able to be stacked on the same rung, meaning that there will always be somebody above another person, which can be a hassle with the ability to delete or alter roles specifically, but that's a story for another day.

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